Kinetic Theory Of Nonideal Gases And Nonideal Plasmas – Klimontovich

In this post, we will see the book Kinetic Theory Of Nonideal Gases And Nonideal Plasmas by Yu. L. Klimontovich.

About the book

The book consists of three parts. The first part is devoted to the classi­cal kinetic theory of nonideal gases, the second to the classical kinetic theory of fully ionized plasmas, and the third to the quantum kinetic theory of nonideal gases and plasmas. The concluding chapter presents a short account of the kinetic theory of chemically reacting systems and of partially ionized plasmas. This chapter was included in order to indicate some directions of further generalizations of the present results, and to attract attention upon this important and interesting problem.

The main stress is laid here on the fundamental aspects of the theory. Relatively little space is given to the applications. Whenever possible, the reader is directed towards additional literature.

The book was translated from Russian by R. Balescu was published in 1982.

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Preface ix

Part I Kinetic Theory of Non-Ideal Gases 1

Chapter 1. The Method of Distribution Functions and Method of Moments 5

Chapter 2. The Boltzmann Kinetic Equation for Nonideal Gases 31

Chapter 3. Kinetic Equations for Dense Gases 63

Chapter 4. Kinetic Theory of Fluctuations in Gases 87

Part II Kinetic Theory of Nonideal Fully Ionized Plasmas 107

Chapter 5. The Microscopic Equations for a fully Ionized Plasma and Their Average 111

Chapter 6. Kinetic Equations for the Plasma in the First Moment Approximation. The Vlasov Equation 125

Chapter 7. Kinetic Equations for the Ideal Fully Ionized Plasma 139

Chapter 8. Effect of External Field on the Kinetic Properties of Plasmas 169

Chapter 9. The Spatially Homogenous Nonideal Plasma 199

Chapter 10. The Spatially Inhomogenous Nonideal Plasma 229

Chapter 11. Kinetic Theory of Fluctuations in a Plasma 237

Part III Quantum Kinetic Equations for Nonideal Gases and Nonideal Plasmas 251

Chapter 12. Quantum Kinetic Equations for Nonideal Gases 253

Chapter 13. Quantum Kinetic Equations for Plasmas 267

Chapter 14. Kinetic Equations for Partially Ionized Plasmas and for Chemically Reacting Gases 285

References 305

Index 315

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