I need new and more bookshelves…

Even with three layers of books, making many of them inaccessible, to fit them all in the space. I have run out of space to keep them. And atleast equal number of books are not here.

To add to the woes the steel shelf has begun to bend under the weight of the books…. Such are the days .

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I am The Mitr, The Friend
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5 Responses to I need new and more bookshelves…

  1. migferreira says:

    I feel your pain!
    Have about 30 metres runlength of shelves, covering 3 walls, and still have little piles here and there, and have to squeeze space in the shelves.
    Time to ditch some books but it feels like pulling teeth out!


  2. Bahaa Ibrahim says:



  3. Mohamad Modamani says:

    Hi the mitr,
    I feel your pain and ask myself how can I help?
    I am in debt to your work in collecting and scanning Mir books to retrieve them to life again.


  4. Eric Braschoss says:

    Did you scan physics problems by goldfarb yet? I am am willing to loan my book to you to scan. Let me know…


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