A History Of Psychology – Yaroshevsky

In this post, we will see the book A History Of Psychology by Mikhail Yaroshevsky.

About the book

The book provides a comprehensive history of development of psychological thought through the ages. Starting from ancient times, the Eastern, Greek and Roman ideas about mind and behavior, the book takes us through medieval and renaissance. The further development of psychology after Kant and earlier century is presented in later chapters. The rise of empiricism and associationism in Eighteenth-Century is dealt in chapter 6. Further the development of theory of reflexes and theory of brain in later nineteenth century is presented. This concludes the first part of the book.

The second part of the book traces the development of psychology as an independent science. The rise of experimental doctrine and its various branches in late 19th and early 20th century are discussed in chapters 9-10. Chapter 11 discusses various schools of thought in psychology that arose in the first half of 20th century such as Titchener’s Structuralistic School, The Würzburg School, Functionalism, Behaviourism, Gestalt Psychology, Levin’s School and the The Freudian School. Chapter 12 discusses further growth of of behaviorism and Piaget’s ideas. The last chapter discusses the history and state of psychology in Russia.

The book was translated from Russian by Ruth English and was published in 1990 by Progress Publishers.

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You can get the book here.

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Introduction. History as the Self-Cognition of Science 5


Chapter 1. The Beginnings of Psychological Thought in the
Countries of the East 19

Chapter 2. Psychology in Classical Times 30

The Ideas of Natural Scientists in Ancient Greeks Concerning the Soul 30
Psychological Ideas in the Hellenic Period 62
Psychology on Ancient Rome 69
The Decline of Ancient Psychology 71

Chapter 3. Theories of the Soul in the Feudal epoch 76

Development of Psychological Ideas in Arabic Science 77
The Psychological Ideas in Mediaeval Europe 83
Nominalism 88

Chapter 4. Psychological thought in the Renaissance 90

Psychology in the Period of the Italian Renaissance 90
The Empirical Trend in Psychology in Spain 95

Chapter 5. Psychological Doctrines of the Seventeenth Century 100

Outcome of the Development of ‘Psychological “Thought in the Seventeenth Century 126

Chapter 6. The Supremacy of Empiricism and Associationism in Eighteenth-Century 131

Associative Psychology 131
The Psychology of Abilities 137
Materialist Psychology in France 139
The Rise of a Materialist Trend in Russian Psychology 145
Dawn of the Idea of Cultural-Historical Laws Governing Spiritual Life 149
The Significance of Immanuel Kant’s Doctrine for the Development of Psychology 152
Summary of Development of Psychology in the Eighteenth Century 156

Chapter 7. Psychology in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century 159

Theory of Reflexes 159
Theories of the Brain 167
Associative Psychology 169


Chapter 8. Preconditions for the Psychology Becoming an Independent Science 174

Philosophical Doctrines 174
Premises Provided by Natural Sciences 179

Chapter 9. Programmes for Developing Psychology into an Experimental Science 196

Psychology as the Doctrine of Intentional Acts of Consciousness. F. Brentano 202
Psychology as a Doctrine of the Performance of Psychic Activities. I. M. Sechenov 205

Chapter 10. Development of Branches of Psychology in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century 213

Experimental Psychology 213
Differential Psychology 223
Child Psychology and Educational: Psychology 234
Zoopsychology 241
Social and Cultural- Historical Psychology 246
Psychotechnics 254

Chapter 11. Schools of Thought in Psychology 256

Titchener’s Structuralistic School 258
The Wurzburg School 262
Functionalism in American Psychology 267
Behaviourism 275
Gestalt Psychology 284
Kurt Levin and His School 294
The Freudian School 299

Chapter 12. Psychology in the Capitalist Countries in the
1930s and 1940s of the Twentieth Century 316

The Evolution of Behaviourism 318
Cognitive Behaviourism319
Neo-Freudianism 332
Jean Piaget’s Doctrine of Intellectual Development 335

Chapter 13. Psychology in Russia 340

A Concise History of Russian Psychological Thought 340
Soviet Psychology. 357

Conclusion. 409
Name Index. 410

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