Space Research Apparatus – Khodarev et al

In this post, we will see the book Space Research Apparatus by Yu. K. Khodarev; L. I. Shatrovskiy; V. V. Andreyanov; B. N. Rodionov; P. Ye. El’yasberg, V. S. Etkin.

About the book

The articles of this collection encompass a broad range of questions associated with theoretical analysis and design of equipment used in conducting space ex­periments. The Information on theoretical analysis of the possible apparatus solutions used to generate information streams aboard spacecraft is covered most completely. The articles on coding methods reflect the urgent necessity for more sophisticated onboard processing of the information obtained. The problems of spacecraft antenna testing, radiometric equipment, and so on are examined.
The volume will be of interest to specialists connected with the design and construction of radio-electronic and radiophysical space equipment.

The book was translated from Russian by SCITRAN under the NASA Technical Translation Programme.

Credits to original uploader.

You can get the book here.

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Y. M. Shtar’kov and V. F. Babkin
Series-Length Coding under a Pricri Uncertainty 1

A. B. Kryukov
Coding cf Discrete Monotonic Functions 14

Yu. M. Shtartkov and V. F. Babkin
Simple Method of Jumbering Binary Sequences with Given Number of Units 24


A. V. Kantor, S. M. Perevertkin and T. 5S. Sheherbakova
Multipurpose Information Collection and Processing Systems 34


A. V. Kanten, T. A. Tolmadzheva
Associative Compressed Information Output Stream Formation by the Statistical Trial Method 43

A. V. Kantor, S. M. Perevertkin and T. S. Shcherbakova
Analytic Study of Output Stream Formation Process in Multipurpose Information Compression Systems 57

L. G. Sapogin and V. G. Sapogin
Dispersion Space Radio Links 68

A. P. Alekseyev, B. A. Prigoda and L. I. Skotnikov
Spacecraft Antenna System Design 93

B. A. Prigoda
Low-Silhouette Spacecraft Antenna Systems 108

A, Ye. Andriyevskiy, A. G. Gorshkov, V. V. Danilov,
Vv. K. Konnikova, A. S. Lobarev, Vv. G. Mirovskly,
V. V. Nikitin, V. I. Portman, Ye. A. Spangenberg,
I. A. Strukov, N. Z. Shvarts and V. S. Yetkin

High-Sensitivity 3.5-cm Modulation-Type Radiometer 105


Yu. A. Nemlikher, I. A. Strukov and L. H. Yudina

If Amplifier Liniting F-.1uency Selection in Super-heterodyne MM- and CM-Band Radiometer 132

V. F. Kolomeytsev, Yu. Yu. Kulikov, A. M. Kupriyanov, I. A. Strakov, L. I. Fedoseyev, Yu. B. Khapin and Vv. S. Yetkin
Study of Schotti:ky Barrier Diode Frequency Converter in the Short Millimeter Wavelength Band 142

Ya. E. Veyber
Influence of Phase Shifter on Frequency Divider Characteristics 148

Ye. A. Vlasov
Comb-Line Bandpass Filters 167

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