The Path To The Stars. Collection Of Science Fiction Works – Tsiolkovsky

In this post, we will see the book The Path To The Stars. Collection Of Science Fiction Works by K. E. Tsiolkovsky.

About the book

This is a collection of science fiction works and a number of propositions by the Russian author, K. E. Tsiolkovsky. Many of his ideas and propositions have proven to be inaccurate, but nevertheless he did accurately describe some possibilities of the space environment as we know it today. He proposed that the absence of gravity facilitates work, and this relieves the pain of the aged and the ill. He proposed the use of a special greenhouse for supplying food and the restoration of wastes into usable air and water. All necessary energy was to be obtained by mirrors from the sun’s rays, which Tsiolkovsky thought were being wasted for the most part.

He gives an adequately accurate description of the moon’s landscape, but he is presupposing too much in the description of native life on the coon and other planets, especially without an atmosphere, and the ease with which gravity
is defied. Tsiolkovsky also underestimated some suppositions about the acceleration force in the absence of gravity and the danger of meteorite collision. He over­estimated the possibility of using a liquid medium for reducing “g” forces on man during acceleration and the possibility of “cataching” meteorites with nets as one would catch butterflies. Some other Improbable conceptions of his are the underestimation of using mirrors to create temperature increases at great distances from the sun, the assumption that all starts have planetary systems, migrations to other planets is a necessity, the estimation of the sun’s “cooling” and destroying the Earth, forcing humanity to find another home by migration to other planets. Despite his inaccurate assumptions, his articles are of value.

The book was translated from Russian by and was published by Foreign Technology Division in the US in 1966 from a 1960 Russian print.

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About the Collection of Science-Fiction Works, by K. E. Tsiolkovsky 1

On the Moon. Fiction Tale 7

Dreams About the Earth and the Sky 49

I. External Structure of the Universe 49
II. Universal Attraction 57
III. Description of Various Phenomena Occurring Without Participation of Gravity 66
IV. Hater of Gravity 75
V. Can One Obtain on Earth a Medium with Gravity Different than on Earth? 78
VI. 90
VII. In the Belt of Asteroids 95
VIII. Energy of the Solar Rays 140
IX. Gravitation as a Cause of Speeds of Celestial Bodies and Their Radiation 145

On Vesta 149

Beyond the Earth 155

1. Castle in the Himalayas 155
2. Enthusiasm Of Discovery 155
3. Discussion OF the Project 157
4. More About the Castle and Its Inhabitants 161
5. Continuation of Conversation About Rocket 163
6. Newton’s. First Lecture 165
7. The Second Lecture 168
8. Two Experiments with the Rocket Within the Limits of the Atmmosphere 172
9. Again an Astronomical Lecture 176
10. Preparation for Flight Around the Earth 180
11. Eternal Spring. Complicated Rocket. Assembly and Supplies 181
12. Altitude of External World. Location of Rocket 185
13. The Farewell. Locked in the Rocket. Take-Off. 185
14. The People Remaining on Earth. Lecture in the Castle 187
15. In the Rocket Flying Around the Earth. Detonation Has Ceased. [The Crew Has] Emerged from the Water. A Discussion 194
16. Subjective State 196
17. Occupation, Sleep, Reading, Food 197
18. Physical and Chemical Experiments. A Concert 199
19. They Opened the Shutters 205
20. Protests. Longing for Work. Artificial Gravity 211
21. The Rocket Turns into a Blooming Garden 212
22. Pressure Suits Are Put On 214
23. Flight Out of the Rocket into Surrounding Ether 216
24. Story of the Ones in Overalls About Their Impressions 220
25. Adjustment of Temperature of Rocket 222
26. Conversation About Phenomena Experienced by the Ones in Overalls 181 223
27. Discussions on Life in Ether 226
28. Bath 230
29. Summary on Life in Ether 231
30. Picture of Bathing 233
31. Greenhouse 234
32. Construction of the Greenhouse, Inexhaustible Vital Products 236
33. Sorrowless Life. Telegraphing by Sunlight 242
34. State of Humanity in 2017 243
35. Strange Star. Earth Recognizes That World Deserts Are Open for Humanity 244
36. Again Beyond the Earth. Conference About New Spiral Flight Around the Earth. Mysterious Knock. Sentinel in Ether 246
37. Flight Along a Spiral. Travel Impressions. Fireballs. They Attain the Orbit of the Moon. Resolve to Fly to the Moon 250
38. Doubts. To Fly onto the Moon 254
39. Events on the Native Planet 256
40. From Earth to Space and Back. Construction of New Colonies 262
41. Journey from Lunar Orbit to Moon 268
42. On the Mountains and Valleys of the Moon 272
43. Farewell, Moon! Departure from the Moon 288
44. Again in the Great Rocket. Telegram to Earth About the Moon 290
45. Terrestrial Matters 293
46. Pictures of Migration and Life in the Ethereal Colonies 293
47. Union of Colonies 300
48. Among the Scientists on the Orbit of the Moon. First Conference 301
49. Second Conference 303
50. Around the Sun, Beyond the Orbit of Earth 304
51. On an Unknown Planet 306
52. Again in the Rocket. They Fly to Mars 308
53. They Encounter Gas Rings on the Way 341
54. They Approach Mars 312
55. Is It Possible to Visit the Planets? 313
56. In the Direction to Earth — by the Short Route 318
57. On Earth 320
58. Meeting in the Castle. Plans for New Celestial Excursions 322

Goals of Stellar Navigation 325

Change in Relative Gravity on Earth 361

Mercury 361
Mars 365
Vesta 367
Ceres and Pallas 373
On Rings of Pallas 377

Living Creatures in Space 385

Biology of Dwarfs and GIANTS 403

Man, Reduced to One-Half of His Size 403
Man, Increased te Twice His Size 406
Mar, Reduced by 100 Times 407

Ether Island. 411
Beyond the Earth’s Atmosphere 423
Science Fiction in the Works of K. E. Tsiolkovsky, by B. N. MOVOD 433


Appendix I. To the Inventors of Reaction-Powered Machines
(28 April 1950) 453
Appendix II. Is It Only a Fantasy? 457
Appendix III. Pages from Notebook from Youth 461

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