A Handbook of Philosophy

In this post, we will see the book A Handbook Of Philosophy edited by B. l. Syusyukalov; L. A. Yakovleva.

The team of authors is

B. J. Syusyukalov, M. M. Sidorov, L. P. Nikitin, I. B. Mikhailova. V. A. Popov, V. M. Chellini, L. A. Yakovleva, N. J. Ropakov, D. P. Zerkin, L.G. Yuldashev, Z. A. Berbeshkina, V. V. Ostryakov, S. I. Popov

About the book

This handbook sets out the basic concepts and cat­egories of Marxist-Leninist philosophy (dialectical and historical materialism). It is intended for self-in­struction. The methods recommended by the authors may also be useful to teachers and students of Marx­ist-Leninist philosophy in higher and secondary edu­cational institutions.

The book was translated from Russian by Stepan Apresyan and Ludmila Lezhneva. The book was designed by Nikolai Senko and was published in 1984 by Progress.

Credits to the original uploader.

You can get the book here.

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1. Philosophy: Its Subject-Matter and Role in Society 5

2. The Struggle between Materialism and Idealism in Pre-Marxist Philosophy 13

3. The Rise of Marxism — A Revolution in Philosophy. The Leninist Stage in the Development of Marxist Philosophy 28

4. Matter and the Basic Forms of Its Existence 35

5. Consciousness: Its Origin and Essence 38

6. Dialectics as the Science of Development and Universal Connection 41

7. The Basic Laws and ‘Categories of Dialectics 44

8. The Dialectical Materialist Theory of Knowledge 56

9. Critique of the Main Trends of Contemporary Bourgeois Philosophy 65


10. Materialist Conception of History 65

11. Society and Nature 73

12. Material Production as the Basis of Social Development 79

13. Socio-Economic Formations as Stages of Historical Development 82

14. Social Structure. Classes and Class Relations 87

15. Historical Forms of Human Community 90

16. Political System of Society 94

17. Social Revolution 102

18. Social Consciousness and Its Structure. Forms of Social Consciousness 107

19. Science and Its Role in Social Life 118

20. Culture and the Laws of Its Development 122

21. The Role of People and Personality in History. Personality and Society. Philosophical Problems of Humanism 126

22. Critique of Contemporary Bourgeois Sociology 131

23. Marxist-Leninist Philosophy — the Philosophical and Methodological Foundation of Scientific Cognition and Revolutionary Practice 138

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