Some new acquisitions

and also few from my old stack.

Several books below  acquired from Abids used book market at Hyderabad.

Thanks to ArvindJ for taking me there.

Thanks to @desperadomar for arranging books below. Lot of literature and titles in Hindi too.


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7 Responses to Some new acquisitions

  1. manuel j carames says:

    Thank you!


  2. Mohamad Modamani says:



  3. Uday Mahajani says:

    I could see pumps fans and compressors. Interesting


  4. G Muni Bhaskar says:

    Great to see those books.

    Thanks a lot.

    Can I have a hardcopy of,
    1. Engineering Drawing and

    2. Construction Technology


  5. Anurag says:

    Good to see some hindi books as well. I got some hindi books – 25 titles – published by Raduga publications a week ago from I’m yet to arrange them in my personal library. I’ll try to share them as soon as I can.


  6. gnowgi says:

    If you go to Hyderabad again, please do visit Sundarayya Vigyan Kendram in Gachibouli. You will find many titles there for your project.


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