Theory of Shock Waves and Introduction to Gas Dynamics – Zeldovich

In this post, we will see the book Theory of Shock Waves and Introduction to Gas Dynamics Ya. B. Zeldovich.

About the book

Gas dynamics is defined as the science of motion at great pressure differentials and high velocities, velocity being measured in terms of the speed of sound. The book confines itself to specific phenomena of gas dynamics, i.e., those which have nc analogies in the mechanics of an incompressible liquid. Emphasis is placed on careful definition of the fundamentals of gas dynamics, fundamental laws, and methods of solving simplest problems, rather than an the computational methods
of gas dynamics or methods of numerical integration of complex two- and three-dimensional flows, etc. Attention is devoted to problems of flow around bodies moving at great speeds, motion of a gas in ducts such as nozzles and pipes, aid compressibility of the moving medium. The second main topic is shock waves considered under the theory of shock waves, shock wave laws, and the problem of the destructive effect of explosions and propagation of the explosion on the explosive substance (capable of chemical reaction). The author intends the text to also serve as an introduction to the theory of explosions.

The book was translated from Russian and was published in 1946.

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Introduction 1

Chapter 1
Gas Dynamics Equations 6
Appendix 10

Chapter 2
Principles of Acoustics. The Speed of Sound 16

Chapter 3
Gas Flow Through Nozzles 36

Chapter 4
Properties of Supersonic Jets 47

Chapter 5
Gas Flow in a Long Cylindrical Pipe 53

Chapter 6
Motion that Depends or the Relation Between Coordinates and Time 62

Chapter 7
Theory of Shock Waves. Introduction 74

Chapter 8
Hugoniot’s Adiabatic Curve. Its Derivation From the Equations of
Conservation 76

Chapter 9
Properties of Hugoniot’s Adiabatic Curve. Shock Waves in Air and
Water 82

Chapter 10
The History of the Shock Wave Problem 90

Chapter 11.
Graphical Methods of Shock Wave Theory. Waves Near a
Critical Point 95

Chapter 12
Structure of Shock Wave Front 107

Chapter 13
Propagation of Shock Waves in a Gas with Delayed Excitation of
internal Degree of Freedom 114

Chapter 14
Formation of Shock Waves 119

Chapter 15
Shock Waves in the Case of Oscillations of Large Amplitude 127

Chapter 16
Propagation of an Arbitrary Discontinuity 131

Chapter 17 .
Supersonic Flow Around a Body 144

Chapter 18
Theory of Jet Propulsion 153

Chapter 19
Reflection of a Shock Wave 166

Chapter 20
The Effect of Explosives. Introduction 171

Chapter 21
Simulation of an Explosion area of the Propagation of Blast Waves 176

Chapter 22
Simulation and Similarity of Destructions Caused by Shock Waves 184

Chapter 23
Phenomena Occurring in the Immediate Vicinity of the Charge 189

Chapter 24
Laws Governing the Propagation of a Shock Wave at a Great Distance from the Charge 200



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