Updates: Printing books, some new acquisitions and titles we will see soon

Some updates!

Sorry for being erratic in the posts in the last few months.


Thank you for the fantastic response on the reprinting idea. We have 400+ people who have shown interest in buying the entire set. We will soon start the pre-order on books, hopefully start shipping sometime at end of October. Sorry for all the delays in the printing, most of it my procrastination and some of it the pandemic.

Keep the fingers crossed!!

New Haul

Recently got a nice haul of books. Many thanks to @desperadomar and @imsmam for making this possible.

New Scans

In coming couple of months we will see a lot of new titles being added. The first batch will be from this set:

There are few titles already on the Internet Archive which I not posted on the blog so far. You can check them at  https://archive.org/details/@mirtitles

Plus we will see some children’s books in Indic languages as well: Marathi, Bengali and Hindi

About The Mitr

I am The Mitr, The Friend
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7 Responses to Updates: Printing books, some new acquisitions and titles we will see soon

  1. Ashish says:

    Is this physics for everyone series that you are printing? Let me know how to order the same.
    Also please consider printing Yakov Perelman’s book series.
    Thank you for everything you do.


  2. fadesingh says:

    Just a reminder before you start printing, PLEASE keep the ORIGINAL cover design. They are absolutely beautiful and important to the feel of the Mir books.


  3. R R Shukla says:

    I will be very happy to see this set of mir books.Please let me know how to order these books.
    Thanks and regards to dear dmitr.


  4. Awe Kumar Jha says:

    Please reprint A.V. Efimov’s 3 volume series on higher mathematics for engineering students and let me know how to order it. Other engineering mathematics books (like Myskis and Bermant) should also be reprinted.


  5. Suvo says:


    I am interested in the book, “Processing of Man-Made Fibres” (bottom row, third from left). Can you share the content page from the book? I am student of textile technology, and have been searching for Soviet books on the subject, and couldn’t find anything on the internet, until now that is. It’d be a great help if you share the content matter of the book.



  6. jeancp says:

    wow a lot of stuff to come, thanks for all your effort, a lot happened in all this years, this site and all the people involved are some kind of heroes, really, just want to thanks, I’m a brazilian fan of all the work to bring these incredible books from the ussr epoch.


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