ABC’s of Quantum Mechanics – Rydnik (LaTeX version)

We have already seen this book earlier. But this post is to bring to your notice the electronic version of the book typeset using LuaLaTeX.

Rydnik-ABCs-of-Quantum-Mechanics-Mir-2020 copy

The book has come out nicely. Of course, it could have been better! I have typeset it in A5 paper, with 12 pt font with LuaLaTeX. The font used is EB Garamond. I have tried to maintain the typesetting of the original book with no chapter numbers or section numbers.

The table of elementary particles and their properties was one of the more challenging tasks in this otherwise simple book to typeset. It took me almost a day to just typeset this table. The rest was easy.

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 18.40.17I have also created the front and back covers using TikZ, the first time I have tried this. Though they could have been done better.

The Internet Archive Link

The source files can be found at the gitlab project page:

Note: The original scan (by itanveer) which we had cleaned and posted had two pages (258-259) missing. I had already made a draft post asking for help for these two pages from people who might have the book, as I do not currently have the access to my physical collection. Except for these two pages, the rest of the book was processed and ready. Serendipitously, just a couple of days back Hemant Garach commented on the earlier post saying that he has this book! I requested him to scan these two missing pages and thanks to him we now have the complete book!

TODO: What remains to be done (in order of need):

  1. One more round of copy-editing. Though I tried my best, there will be many small typos here and there. I hope I have not screwed up in any major way. A thousand eyes are better than just two!
  2. Recreating figures (and front cover) using TikZ or other tools, so that it becomes completely electronic. For this release, I have used the scanned raster figures. Some actual photos of cloud chambers and particle tracks can be used instead of the current ones.
  3.  There has been much increase in our knowledge of particle physics (both empirical and theoretical) ever since the book was written in the 1960s. The book itself might be expanded as much of the information might seem dated to a particle physicist. Perhaps a new expanded edition of the book covering the era from the 1970s to present? Anyone interested?!

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7 Responses to ABC’s of Quantum Mechanics – Rydnik (LaTeX version)

  1. Ibrahim says:

    The link for code seems dead.


  2. ABC says:

    Great work. One slight hiccup though. The tables in pages 333-336 seem to have been compiled wrong. Any chance this could be fixed?


    • The Mitr says:

      Thanks. Had set the page size to A5 in the last commit from B5. Hence the table was upset. Didn’t check for the table after changing the page size. Now updated on the GIT repo, will take some time to update the Internet Archive file though.


  3. cesarantoine says:

    The hyperlinks for the chapters work well, but not the hyperlinks for
    the sections.
    If you go to the Contents page or to bookmarks on Adobe Reader, you see
    that the hyperlinks for the sections don’t work.


  4. macsons says:

    If you wish you can purchase the physical copy here

    Liked by 1 person

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