Things to Come – Fedchenko

In this post, we will see the book Things to Come composed by V. Fedchenko.


About the book

The book is a collection of essays by leading Soviet scientists who predict how the future will pan out for various fields. The first essay is by Academician Semenov who talks about the power sources for the future. In the next essay, the production technologies for the future are discussed. In the third essay materials science and artificial matter are discussed by Kitaigorodsky. In the fourth essay prospects of transportation in the future are discussed. In the fifth essay aspects of information and communication are discussed. In the final essay, an outline of our interaction with environment and its future is discussed.

The book was published by Mir in 1977.

There are some great line drawings at the head of each essay.

The Internet Archive Link


SEMENOV N., Power Resources of the Future.
Translated by G. Roberts 7

KOBRINSKY A. and KOBRINSKY N., Production in the Year 2000.
Translated by B. Kuznetsov 53

KITAIGORODSKY A., Future Man-Made Objects and Artificial Matter.
Translated by Y. Nadler 89

MOLYARCHUK V., Transport in the Future.
Translated by B.Kuznetsov 137

PETROVICH N., Information and Communication in the Future.
Translated by B. Kuznetsov 177

PETRYANOV I., Man and His Environment.
Translated by Y. Nadler 225

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