Fundamentals of Physics – Yavorksy and Pinsky

In this post we will see the long awaited two volume Fundamentals of Physics by B. M. Yavorsky and A. A. Pinsky.


This textbook explains the con­cepts and most important advances of modern physics without resort to higher mathematics. Avoids the traditional division between clas­sical and modern physics and en­deavours to present all material so as to develop quantum mechanical concepts.

The textbook is intended for secon­dary schools and as a teaching aid for physics teachers in general and technical secondary schools. Will be found useful by correspondence students studying ‘A ’ level and first year physics.


Vol. I. Motion and Forces, Conservation Laws, Molecular Kinetic Theory of Gases, Molecular Forces and states of aggregation of matter, Electrodynamics

Vol. II . Vibrations and Waves. Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules and Solids. Physics of the Nucleus and Elementary Par­ticles.

Comment submitted by Node:

Fundamentals of Physics Volume: 1
Author(s): B. M. Yavorsky, A. A. Pinsky


PDF | 544 pp. | OCR | 20 MB

Fundamentals of Physics Volume: 2
Author(s): B. M. Yavorsky, A. A. Pinsky

PDF | OCR | 489 pp. | 24.5 MB

All credits to the original uploader. Thanks to node for pointing out the links.

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5 Responses to Fundamentals of Physics – Yavorksy and Pinsky

  1. Prashant Chauhan says:

    I have ‘HANDBOOK OF PHYSICS’ by B.M.Yavorksy and A.Detlaf in hard copy.


  2. Shubh says:

    I am so glad that I am able to find such a book where even the first chapter considers the aspects of modern physics while keeping the discussion easily understandable. Will give another review after I finish reading it. Thanks, keep up the good work!


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