Harnessing The Sun – Borisov, Pyatnova

We now come to Harnessing The Sun (Stories about semiconductors) by Y.Borisov, I.Pyatnova.

harnessing-the-sun-borisov-pyatnova  This book is about solar energy. It takes you on a journey in which
we explore different ways involving semiconductor technology. in
which this abundant form of energy could be utilised. The book was
written in an era when semiconductor technology was in its nascent
form. It describes the physical basis of semiconductor devices with
no formulae, but relying on analogies and models. It talks about
devices and mechanisms which belong to the future. For example a
solar powered satellite, which is the norm now. Lastly, it is about
coming of the solar age, which many of us are looking forward to
belong to….

Translated from the Russian by Igor Gavrilov and published by the Foreign Languages Publication House in 1963.

All credits to the original uploader.

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Contents    5
Harnessing the Sun    7
Something no one has seen    33
Mysterious Doubles    47
One in a thousand million    65
Ugly duckling or swan?    77
electronic “wind” transfers Heat    82
Sensitive,sharp-eyed,vigilant    95
powerful lilliputain    113
The magic pea    123
Hunting for nines    148
three victories        169
Death and birth of photon    197
Chlorophyll,albumen and the eye        211
New avenues        228

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  1. jcarl says:

    It was not possible to got or download, why?


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