300,000 + and Counting!

On the last day on 2012, we have crossed 300,000 mark for views.

Thanks to all those who made it possible, and special thanks to Desperadomar for making the posts in the end.

We may have some long awaited releases in the next year, till then

Have a great new year in 2013!





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8 Responses to 300,000 + and Counting!

  1. Ganesh says:

    Congrats Damitr šŸ˜‰
    Happy New Year Ahead!


  2. Mirlover says:

    MAKE 2013 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER! and for mirtitles.org too! Keep the nice books flowing!


  3. Kiran says:

    Thanks a lot Damitr. Happy new year to all the members of this wonderful blog.



  4. rathinavelu says:

    hank you Sir We wish you very happy New Year. T.Rathinavelu



  5. db.jan says:

    Happy New Year Mirtitles.org


  6. This blog is almost like my new year gift of 2013 (stumbled upon it when trying to search for algebra books). I grew up reading Mir Publishers books and would give the world to get a hand some of these jewels of time…


    • damitr says:

      You are welcome.



      • Anil says:

        Hi Damitr,
        Am a fan of Radhuga Publication books(espacially telugu translations of russian literature). I have very valuable information for u(all MIR fans)
        I fond many(almost 20 +) titles of Mir Books in second hand book stall in Hyderabad. Book stall name: UNIQUE BOOK CENTRE, opposite to Nampally railway station, Hyderabad. Contact number: 9391099546


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