A Problem Book in Algebra – Krechmar

In this post we will see A Problem Book in Algebra by   V. A. Krechmar.


This book contains 486 problems in various fields of algebra with
solutions for the problems.

This book was translated from the Russian by Victor Shiffer and the
translation was edited by Leonid Levant. The book was published by
first Mir Publishers in 1974 and reprinted in 1978.

All credits to the original uploader.

DJVU | 4.2 MB | Pages: 505 | Cover
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Table of Contents
1. Whole Rational Expressions 7
Solutions to Section 1 117
2. Rational Fractions 15
Solutions to Section 2 136
3. Radicals. Inverse Trigonometric Functions.Logarithms 28
Solutions to Section 3 174
4. Equations and Systems of Equations of the First Degree 40
Solutions to Section 4 208
5. Equations and Systems of Equations of the Second Degree 53
Solutions to Section 5 247
6. Complex Numbers and Polynomials 64
Solutions to Section 6 285
7. Progressions and Sums 83
Solutions to Section 7 361
8. Inequalities 93
Solutions to Section 8 396
9. Mathematical Induction 104
Solutions to Section 9 450
10. Limits 110
Solutions to Section 10 480

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    great post, thnks a lot


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    Links are not working. Please help. 😦


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