What is the theory of relativity?

Legendary physicist Lev Landau apart from the Physics for Everyone series wrote another book on popular science, with Y. Rumer, it is called What is the theory of relativity?

The book is an attempt to make the readers understand the basic concepts of theory of relativity, both special and general. It serves as an excellent introduction to the subject. In the 64 pages of the book, each page is informative and I think you cannot have a more precise popular introduction to the difficult subject.

The book was published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House in the 1959 and again by Mir in 1970s. It was translated from the Russian by A. Zdornykh and edited by V. Schneierson. Simultaneously it was also published in the west by Basic Books (translation by N. Kemmer) in 1960 and recently Dover has brought a reprint in 2003. All credits to the orginal uploader.

The Internet Archive Link

The book contains following sections:

Chapter 1 The Relativity We Are Used To

Chapter 2 Space Is Relative

Chapter 3 The Tragedy Of Light

Chapter 4 Time Is Relative

Chapter 5 Capricious Clocks and Rulers

Chapter 6 Mass

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12 Responses to What is the theory of relativity?

  1. Dr. Lalit Patil says:

    Thanks pal. This is one of my favourite books. Thanks again. Keep it up. Waiting for further posts from you.


    • Dr. Patil, Namaskar.
      I have a copy of the book I bought in Mumbai long ago. In it some pages were left unprinted. I can give you the page numbers after I get home. If you have the pages could you please have them scanned and emailed to me? It is a really good book written in simple English and made simple enough for all to follow. I have been recommending it to my friends ever since I read it first in the 1980s. My email address is vishwas.dhekney@exp.com
      Thanks. Vishwas B. Dhekney


  2. Dr. Lalit Patil says:

    Which other books you have?


  3. Muthuvel says:

    This is the scond book i read from great mir when i was 15 years old, the other one was 107 stories about chemistry both were in tamil translated then…. Thanks damitr


  4. Excelsior says:

    The link for “What is the Theory of Relativity” is dead.


  5. Biju Jose says:

    The link is dead please re up


  6. sandeepghutke says:

    You are doing great work ….many many thanks to you ………


  7. Anbumani says:

    One of the best book I read in my later teen. this book triggered my mind in both ways scientifically and philosophically. I read this in Tamil.


  8. Ricardo Soares Vieira says:

    Do you have a (or there exists some) version of this book with these collored illustrations? By the way, thank you very much for your amazing work!


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