Handbooks of Mathematics

However, it is well to bear in mind that neither handbook, nor textbook alone suffices  to give the reader a knowledge of the subject: he must use pencil and paper and work through the examples and problems for himself.

This is how the preface of the Mathematical Handbook – Elementary Mathematics by M. Vygodsky ends. The book has about 420 pages and was first published in 1979 by Mir Publishers. The book I have is the fourth reprint in 1984 and was translated from Russian by George Yankovsky. This book has been reprinted by Visalandhra (last reprint 2005) and CBS (2004) both. In fact you can still purchase the Elementary Mathematics handbook from Flipkart for just Rs. 80.

The book has following sections

Tables,Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry (Plane and Solid), Trigonometry, Functions and Graphs

The current scan is from VisalAndhra Publishing House 2005 print. The scan quality is not very good.

All credits to the Original Uploader

No OCR | 426 pg.  | No Cover | No bookmarks

You can get the book here.

Handbook and Textbook:

An attempt has been made to combine the merits of both books in one text.

If this Handbook caught your attention then the Mathematical Handbook – Higher Mathematics by Vygodsky must seen. The book has about 820 pages, almost double the size of the one on Elementary Mathematics.

The English translation was first published by Mir in 1975. The one I have is Fourth Reprint in 1984, and translation is by George Yankovsky.

This book is with me since I needed to have a Reference book for Mathematics. The Preface says:

This handbook is a continuation of the Handbook of Elementary Mathematics by the same author and includes the material usually studied in a mathematics course in higher educational institutions.
The designation of this handbook is twofold.
Firstly it is reference work in which the reader can find definitions (what is a vector product) and factual information, such as how to find the surface of a solid of revolution or how to expand the function in a trigonometric series, and so on. Definitions, theorems, rules and formulas (accompanied by examples and practical hints) are readily found by reference to the comprehensive index or table of contents.

Secondly, the handbook is intended for systematic reading. It does not take the place of a textbook and so full proofs are only given in exceptional cases. However, it can well serve as a material for the first acquaintance with the subject.

This book is listed in Flipkart for Rs. 388/-, but is currently unavailable. I do not know if there are any translations of these books in Indian languages.

The Higher Mathematics handbook has a photo with autograph, no details about the photograph are given.

I think the photo is of the author M. Vygodsky, but I am not sure. If anyone knows whose photo it is, please let me know. [P.S. Sanjay has told [see comment] that this photo is indeed of M. Vygodsky]. The paper of the book was considerably yellowed, so this photo of that page, is no that good. But I have tried my best, to present it.

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61 Responses to Handbooks of Mathematics

  1. s.sanjay says:

    dear damitr,
    the photograph surely is of M. Ya. Vygodsky. in the cyrillic alphabet, it is written as М.Я. Выгодский . he has simply signed off his name in italics (which are written slightly differently).


  2. damitr says:

    Dear Sanjay,
    Thanks for the input!



    • Fake Name says:


      Do you have any links to the Higher Mathematics Handbook? Devender kindly provided the link to the Elementary Mathematics handbook.


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  4. Devender Singh says:

    the link for this book is:-
    & I have downloaded it checked it………………
    well, I appreciates ur work on MIR publishers …………….


  5. somen says:

    anyone can link to little mathmatics library book particularly euler characteristic,and unusal algebra .i have heard that these are awesome book .


  6. somen says:

    anyone can provide link to “little mathmatics library” books particularly euler characteristic,and unusal algebra .i have heard that these are awesome book .


  7. somen says:

    dear damitr
    plz provide link to – mathematical handbook higher mathematics


  8. Dr. Lalit Patil says:

    Great thread. Waiting for more links.


  9. sachin kharat says:

    need a ebook link for mathematical handbook – higher mathematics…. i have hard copy of elementary mathematics…


  10. sanits591 says:

    Hi Damitr
    You have posted a wide collection of MIR publications which is admirable since ages. I have some e-books (Physics and Mathematics) which are in russian, and would like to get this in English. I have searched a lot but in vain.

    Can you help in getting these books in english. If it is possible then i shall post the links of these books, so that a large collection of the MIR publications can be built up on the net and everyone can be benefited out of this rare collection of books.

    I am reachable on my e-mail at sanits591@yahoo.com



  11. anthropos says:

    Is the higher Vygodsky available by any chance?
    Absolutely enthralled by the terminology, perspective & sidetracks into linguistics within the Elementary book.


  12. Another desi says:

    Hi Damitr and all,

    Where can I find Algebra can be fun.



  13. ramani krithivasan says:

    Dear Another desi,

    It is available at this site itself. you can download it


  14. Mahesh says:

    Hi Damitr!
    I too have hard copy of elementary mathematics of m vygodsky
    but i am eagerly waiting for its higher part
    i mean Higher Book of Mathematics by M Vygodsky
    Please put it on the site as soon as possible.
    Thanx a ton:D


  15. Ganesh says:

    Hi Damitr!

    Can you help me getting handbook of Higher Mathematics. Is there any hard copy available? Give me link to that book or plz post, if possible


  16. chemicalfox says:

    This is a great place to find Mir Books. Good Job Damitr!! However , I would like to read more soviet books about chemistry, chemical ingineering, chemical process industries, metallurgy and metallurgical ingineering in mirtitles.org, especially this one: “Handbook Of Analytical Chemistry” of Ju. Lurie, translated from the russian by Nicholas Bovrov. I will apreciatte it so much!


  17. MURUGAN S says:



  18. lalit says:

    god is dodsky


  19. yh says:

    I have elementary mathematics book.. its really great book .I really want higher maths one


  20. amal says:

    please : i want this book. can you give me new link please


  21. Javier says:

    I am looking for this book. Problems in Elementary Mathematics for Home Study. If you have where or how to get it , let me know . please


  22. herbertjf says:

    Hi damitr, please can you update a new link, because the last one is offline.

    Thanks so much

    Herbert – from Brazil


  23. Mahesh says:

    hi, please provide a link for Higher Mathematics Handbook


  24. G. Thulasiram says:

    Is there a copy of Mathematical Handbook – Higher Mathematics, available?




      Looking foward to the mathematical handbook higher mathematical pleaseee
      Edmilson, Brasil

      Thank you very much.


  25. Kumar saurabh says:

    Hello damitr Sir, I have many books of Mir publication…please let me know how can I share them and how can I get medical books from Mir….


    • The Mitr says:

      You can scan them and upload to the internet archive. If you need help in how to scan do let us know.


      • srihyd says:

        Please post the procedure for the scan. Have HP all in one and adobe acrobat but a tough time to scan the book. Please mail srini1947(at)g…com
        Need some urgent help, have to return the books


        • The Mitr says:

          Scan at 300 dpi grayscale/color. Do not scan below this resolution. You can then use scantailor to clean the pages. It is nothing less than blackmagic. Finally can combine/ocr/bookmark the cleaned paged using acrobat.


          • srihyd says:

            1. Scanning to JPEG or JPEG2000 or TIFF… which format should I select?
            2. When scanning the book left side page is fine but on the right side, page noticed some content is getting very light (near spine side). It is happening in every scan. I am pressing the book on the scanner, still, the result is the same.
            3. Selecting the page is A4 or letter?

            Sorry for the trouble, scanning book the first time


          • The Mitr says:

            TIFF should be okay, initial size is large though. #2 if that is happening, then you can scan just one page at a time. instead of a 2-in-1 scan. #3 Page size should be selected by you, A4/letter would be too large for most books, choose a custom area from the preview of the scan.


          • srihyd says:

            Thanks, Mitr.
            Just uploaded the following to Archive.org. This is my first scan and upload. So, let pl. let me know if anything I have to take care of in future when uploading.


            Physics for the Technician
            by L. S. Zhdanov
            Translated from the Russian
            by Mark Samokhvalov, Cand. Sc.
            Mir Publisher~

            This physics course is intended for students of technical
            junior colleges and gives an adequate coverage of physics at
            the high-school level. The aim is to provide a survey of
            those basics that are essential for the specialized courses
            that a future technician takes at college. The Soviet programme
            in physics for technical colleges does not include mechanics because this section of physics is studied in secondary school. But since there are many courses in mechanics, brief and extended, the teacher can always select a book that is best suited for his or her purposes. One book
            that we find especially useful is Theoretical Mechanics by
            E. M. Nikitin (Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1980).

            The physics course that follows starts with a brief introduction
            about physical quantities and their measurement,
            the International System of Units, and the approximations
            that any scientist makes when measuring or calculating a
            quantity. It then goes on to the subject of heat and molecular
            physics. The other parts deal with electricity and
            magnetism, oscillations and waves, optics and special relativity,
            and nuclear physics and, finally, there is a brief
            survey of astronomical facts. The International System of
            Units is used throughout the book. However, since other
            systems of units are used in physics, the author has found it
            expedient to provide basic information about these, especially
            in electricity (Sections 16-9 and 16-10). To this end the book includes an appendix whose first section is devoted to the base and derived units of the SI system.

            The author, Leonid Zhdanov, wrote all the parts of the
            book except Part 6, which was written by Evghenii Traut.
            The author’s son. Grigorii Zhdanov, participated in the preparation
            of the book for press.


          • The Mitr says:

            A big thanks! Will make a post soon!!


  26. srihyd says:

    After uploading to Archive.org, I am unable to see the preview of the book with the following link
    Getting the following message
    “There Is No Preview Available For This Item
    This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Archive.org.
    Please download files in this item to interact with them on your computer.”

    Can’t understand what the error is. Pl.help. Thanks


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  28. Hitesh says:

    I have an extra copy of “Mathematical Handbook Elementary Mathematics”. If anyone interested can contact me at-
    hitesh29 [at] gmail [dot] com


  29. joohn says:

    theres a better resolution of this book here -> https://archive.org/details/isbn_9830828517012/mode/2up


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