Fundamentals Of Microelectronics – Stepanenko

In this post, we will see the book Fundamentals Of Microelectronics by I. P. Stepanenko.

About the book

This textbook is an attempt to characterize more or less fully all the constituent parts of microelectronics. Particular attention is given to the aspects which have not been treated in detail in other books on the subject. These are transistor physics, transistor micro- circuitry, and integrated circuitry in general. The limited space of the book did not allow for the equally detailed description of the design, manufacturing, metric, and some other problems. But this does not seem to be a severe limitation since the reader can obtain additional information from the available books.
So, the intention was to organize the book on the basis of a system approach: to interconnect the sections so that they all in combination form the foundation for further specialization of students. As for engineers who have different backgrounds, but must acquire a thor­ough knowledge of microelectronics, they should focus on sections dealing with physics, technology, and circuitry.
The author hopes that the course “Fundamentals of microelectro­nics” built in accordance with the structure of this book will become as traditional as the courses “Semiconductor devices” or “Basic theory of electrical engineering”. This would undoubtedly aid both in more adequate training of students of the same specialty and also in promoting understanding between engineers of related specialities, who inevitably come in contact in designing complex microelectronic circuits.

Translated from the Russian by P. S. Ivanov

First published 1982

Revised from the 1980 Russian edition

You can get the book here.

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Preface 7

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Microelectronics 9
Chapter 2. Semiconductors 22
Chapter 3. Semiconductor Junctions and Contacts 76
Chapter 4. Bipolar Transistors 116
Chapter 6. Basics of Microelectronic Technology 173
Chapter 7. Integrated Elements 212
Chapter 8. Basics of Digital Circuit Engineering 264
Chapter 9. Basics of Analog Circuit Engineering 311
Chapter 10. Integrated Circuits 374

References 449

Index 450

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