Plasma Astrophysics – Kaplan, Tsytovich

In this post, we will see the book Plasma Astrophysics by S. A. Kaplan; V. N. Tsytovich.

About the book

The authors considered the task of writing a book in which fairly complicated topics would be presented, if possible, in an intelligible form without sacrificing the exactness and generality of a qualitative description of the physics of the various phenomena and their mathematical formulation. The book is not intended solely for astrophysicists. The problems of the theory of the interaction of fast particles with a plasma, their radiation, and the behaviour of a plasma in a very strong magnetic field are of interest also for the study of laboratory plasmas.

The first chapter of the book gives at a relatively elementary, but physically rigorous, level the general ideas of the nature of collective plasma processes and of plasma turbulence, using the method of elementary excitations, developed by one of the authors and expounded in more detail in other monographs (Tsytovich, 1970, 1971a, 1972b). This chapter serves essentially as an introduction to the other three chapters which contain the main contents of the book and are devoted to the actual analysis of plasma processes on the Sun (Chapter 2), in objects such as galactic nuclei and quasars (Chapter 3) and in pulsars (Chapter 4). The authors have attempted to write the general theoretical part of these chapters independent of the actual estimates, bearing in mind possible future applications of the theory and probable new astrophysical discoveries. The same purpose is also served by the detailed tables of the probabilities of various processes in the Appendix—where we also indicate methods to apply them—where we have given in a convenient form also the probabilities which were not directly used in the book.

The topics of the present book are based upon lectures given by V. N. Tsytovich at the Moscow State University (in 1968 to 1971) and in the Institute of Cosmic Studies (in 1971) and by S. A. Kaplan at the Gor’kil State University (in 1968 to 1971).

The book was translated from Russian by D. Ter Haar was published in 1973.

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Preface to the Russian Edition ix
Preface to the English Edition xiii

Introduction 1

Chapter I The Physics of Plasma Turbulence 11

§ 1. The frequencies and waves of plasma turbulence 11
§ 2. Emission and absorption mechanisms for waves in a plasma 25
§ 3. Non-linear wave interactions in a plasma 37
§ 4. Nature, spectrum, and excitation of plasma turbulence 51
§ 5. Diffusion of charged particles and of electromagnetic radiation in the field of plasma turbulence 73
§ 6. Laboratory studies of plasma turbulence and possible laboratory models for cosmic plasma phenomena 88

Chapter II Sporadic Radio-emission of the Sun (Turbulent Processes in a Non-relativistic Plasma) 101

§ 7. Observational data on the sporadic solar radio-emission 101
§ 8. Excitation of longitudinal and transverse plasmon turbulence by a beam instability 115
§ 9. Electromagnetic radiation from ion-sound turbulence 133
§ 10. Discussion of the theory of solar radio-bursts 140

Chapter III Galactic Nuclei, Radio-galaxies, Quasars (Turbulent Processes in a Plasma with an Admixture of Ultra-Relativistic Electrons) 151

§ 11. Brief summary of observational data on galactic nuclei, radio-galaxies and quasars 151
§ 12. Emission by ultra-relativistic particles in a plasma 158
§ 13. Plasma and Compton emission mechanisms of ultra-relativistic particles 179
§ 14. Plasma turbulence reactors for relativistic electrons 199
§ 15. The interpretation of the electromagnetic radiation of galactic nuclei, radio-galaxies and quasars 210

Chapter IV Pulsar Emission (Turbulent processes in a relativistic plasma with a strong magnetic field) 219

§ 16. Observational data about pulsars 219
§ 17. A relativistic plasma in a strong magnetic field 226
§ 18. Emission by an ultra-relativistic plasma in a stron magnetic field 240
§ 19. Turbulent reactors in a relativistic plasma 249
§ 20. The interpretation of pulsar emission 257

Conclusion (Problems for the further development of plasma astrophysics) 271

Appendix (Tables of averaged probabilities for plasma processes) 275

References 290

Index 297

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