Tomorrow? … Yesterday? – Zubkov

In this post, we will see the book Tomorrow? … Yesterday? by Boris Zubkov.

About the book

A book describing history and evolution of measuring time at different epochs. Discusses various natural phenomena which were used to keep calendars and inventions of clocks to measure time. The book also touches upon the circadian rhythm present in all living organisms. Final part discusses aspects of time management in factories.

The book was translated from Russian by Eleanor Yankovskaya and illustrated by I. Kabakov. The book was published in 1978 by Malysh Publishers.

You can get the book here (hi-res and cleaned). Another copy from Guptaji here.

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What happens everyday? 3

How People Learned to Measure Time? (and about clocks that travel in the sky, fire a gun and even race around a city) 6

There Has Always Been Time (and travels to distant places, a faithful keeper of Time in Leningrad, what Tomorrow means, and why a lazy person is bored) 13

The Clock Inside Us (also how oysters and bean plants  remember Time, and who night owls and early birds are) 17

Every Minute is Precious (What does time mean for factories? How does Time help people work better? 22


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