Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics – Levinson

In this post, we will see the book Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics by L. Levinson.

About the book

The book provides an overview of various aspects of engineering mechanics. The first part  (chapters 1 to 14) covers theoretical aspects of statics, kinematics and dynamics required for the later sections. The second part covers theory of machines including transmission mechanisms and connections. It also covers fundamental concepts of strain including strength of materials.

The book was translated from Russian by S. Klein was published in 1962 by Foreign Languages Publishing House. (Note: the date in the book is 1922, we know for sure it is not the case and FLPH version is from 1962. Is this a case of scanners/printers randomly changing digits in the scanned/printed documents?)

Credits to original uploader the Digital Library of India. Note: the original scan is by Digital Library of India project. The project though large in scale (millions of books digitised) it is like any other typical government project in execution. There is no quality control on the scans. In some cases the scans are barely legible while in others pages or text is missing. No colour scans. And even with black and white pdfs files size is in few hundred megs in some cases. This scan is not of good quality, there are pages which are barely readable. We will try to update this with a better scan in the future.

You can get the book here.

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PART ONE Theoretical Mechanics

Introduction 13

Chapter I. Fundamentals of Force, and an Introduction to Statics

Chapter II. Coplanar System of Concurrent Forces

Chapter III. Coplanar Parallel Forces, and the Moment of a Force

Chapter IV. Centre of Gravity, and Stability of Bodies

Chapter V. Friction


Chapter VI. The Trajectory of a Particle. Displacement and Time

Chapter VII . Rectilinear Motion of a Particle

Chapter VIII. The Composition of Simple Motions of a Particle

Chapter IX. Curvilinear Motions of a Parliele Uniform and Non-Uniforin Curvilinear Motion of a Particle

Chapter X. Simple Motions of a Hard Body


Chapter XI. Fundamentals of Dynamics

Chapter XII. Introduction to Dynamics of a Material Point

Chapter XIII. Work and Power

Chapter XIV. Mechanical Energy



Chapter XV. The Inclined Plane, the Pulley, and the Windlass

Chapter XVI. Transmission of Power Between Parallel Shafts

Chapter XVII. Transmission Between Non-Parallel Spalls

Chapter XVIII. Conversion of Rotation into Linear Translation and Vice Versa

Chapter XIX. Auxiliary Ports Employed in Transmitting Rotation


Chapter XXI. Basic Principles

Chapter XXII. Tension and Compression

Chapter XXIII. Shear and Torsion

Chapter XXIV. Bending

Chapter XXV. General Principles of Combined Strain

Supplements 331

Answers To Exercises 333

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3 Responses to Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics – Levinson

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  2. skrs says:

    if possible, please upload the one with better quality.. this is a very good book. The current quality is very bad and unreadable at many places. Thanks


    • The Mitr says:

      Yes, I am aware about the quality of the scan, but that is the one we currently have. It was scanned by Digital Library of India project and in general the scan qualities are very bad in that project.


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