Forest Homes – Bianki

In this post we will see Forest Homes by Vitaly Bianki.

The book is actually a compilation of four children’s stories

Forest Homes – Translated by Fainna Glagoleva

Red Hill – Translated by Olga Shartse

Ant Hurries Home – Translated by Fainna Glagoleva 

The First Hunt – Translated by Ronald Vroon



Lot of wonderful illustrations through the book done by Mai Miturich. The book was first published by Raduga Publishers in 1988.

vitaly-bianki-forest-homes_0046 vitaly-bianki-forest-homes_0031 vitaly-bianki-forest-homes_0035 vitaly-bianki-forest-homes_0002

All credits to Guptaji.


You can get the book here, here.


There is a Telugu version of the book as well. You can get it here.

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