Problems in Elementary Mathematics – Lidsky, Ovsyannikov, Tuliakov, Shabunin

In this post we will see another problem book in mathematics titled Problems in Elementary Mathematics by V. Lidsky, L. Ovsyannikov, A. Tuliakov and M. Shabunin.


This book is written by a group of Soviet mathematicians under the guidance of Professor Victor Lidsky D.Sc. (Phys. & Maths). It includes advanced problems in elementary mathematics with hints and solutions.

In each section – algebra, geometry and trigonometry – the problems are arranged in the order of increasing difficulty. There are 658 problems in all.

The text can be used in mathematical schools and school mathematical societies.

This book was translated from the Russian by V. Vosolov and was first published by Mir Publishers in 1973.

All credits to the original uploader.

A note on the quality of the book: When the book was picked up from the net, it needed cleaning. We did some cleaning, OCR and bookmarking.

PDF | OCR | Cover | Bookmarked | 25.5 MB (20.5 MB Zipped) | 382 pages | Paginated

Update: 27 April 2018

The Internet Archive link


Problems / Solutions
1. Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions (1-23) 7/87
2. Algebraic Equations and Systems of Equations (24-95) 10/95
3. Algebraic Inequalities (96-123) 20/134
4. Logarithmic and Exponential Equations, Identities and Inequalities ( 124-169) 24/142
5. Combinatorial Analysis and Newton’s Binomial Theorem (170-188) 29/157
6. Problems in Forming Equations ( 189-228) 32/162
7. Miscellaneous Problems (229-291) 38/180
A. Plane Geometry
1. Computation Problems (292-324) 47/202
2. Construction Problems (325-338) 51/217
3. Proof Problems (339-408) 52/223
4. Loci of Points (409-420) 59/254
5. The Greatest and Least Values (421-430) 61/260
B. Solid Geometry
1. Computation Problems (431-500) 62/256
2. Proof Problems (501-523) 70/209
3. Loci of Points (524-530) 72/322
4. The Greatest and Least Values (531-532) 72/325

1. Transforming Express ions Containing Trigonometric Functions (533-554) 74/327
2. Trigonometric Equations and Systems of Equations (555-618) 77/333
3. Inverse Trigonometric Functions (619-628) 82/363
4. Trigonometric Inequalities (629-645) 83/366
5. Miscellaneous Problems (646-658) 85/372

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17 Responses to Problems in Elementary Mathematics – Lidsky, Ovsyannikov, Tuliakov, Shabunin

  1. Abelog says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you very much for this, and for the other great problems books. 🙂


  2. m95 says:

    V nice post thanks a lot


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  5. Biswarup Burman says:

    This is a brilliant website for sure!!! Many many thanks!!


  6. rd says:

    both links dead. pl re up


  7. visitante says:

    Do you have this book: Solving Problems in Algebra and Trigonometry – Litivinenko e Mordokvitch ?


    • visitante says:

      By the way, i’m I’m trying to download this book “Problems in Elementary Mathematics – Lidsky, Ovsyannikov, Tuliakov, Shabunin”. I dont know why but the download never start, can anyone help me? 😀


  8. Umar Zia says:

    please somebody make the link to work. when i go to the link it says the file you requested is not remove. please help ASAP.


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  11. shrikant says:

    all links are blocked. help


  12. Michael Stueben (Thomas Jefferson H.S for science and technology, VA) says:

    MIR mathematics books (in English) have changed the way I teach high school mathematics. I just don’t use American textbooks any more for an honors class. Thank you so much for publishing these GREAT books. I have at least a dozen of them.


  13. Himanshu jakhar says:

    How can download this book pls inform me????


  14. The Mitr says:

    Update: 27 April 2018
    Added The Internet Archive link


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