The Dog Family / These Are All Dogs / ఇవన్నీ కుక్కలే – Akimushkin

In this post, we will see the book The Dog Family aka These Are All Dogs by Igor Akimuskhin.

About the book

Wolves, jackals, and foxes all belong to one
family, the family of dogs. They are found on all the
continents except Antarctica. They live in the forest
and on the steppes, in the mountains and on the
plains, in the tundra and in the desert.

The legs of animals in this family are long and
well-shaped. The paws have strong, blunt claws. All
the animals run fast, some at a speed of 65
kilometers an hour!

The hair is thick and of various shades of gray or
red. Some of the animals are striped. One of the
African jackals is called the striped jackal. Some of
the animals are spotted. The African wild dog has
black, white and yellow spots. This is the only wild
animal that has hair of three colors.

The smallest animal in the dog family is the
fennec. It is like a kitten. The largest is the wolf. Big
wolves weigh 80 kilograms. Just imagine that!

This book will tell you about animals that are
close relatives of the dog.

The book was published by Raduga in 1976 translated from the Russian by Tracy Kuehu. Another print of the book by Malysh in 1979 has translation from Russian by E. Yankowskaya. The two translations have slight differences in the tone.

The fantastic illustrations are by A. Keleinikov.

There is a Telugu version of the book also, perhaps it was translated in other Indic languages also.

All credits to Guptaji, the Raduga version was from books donated by Mrs Purva Bharadwaj and Mrs. Anupama Jha.

You can get the The Dog Family here.

You can get the These Are All Dogs here.

You can get the Telugu version ఇవన్నీ కుక్కలే here.

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