Science for Everyone – This Fascinating Astronomy

We now come to another book in Science for Everyone Series, this one is titled This Fascinating Astronomy by V. N . Komarov. This book goes a step further than the two other astronomy books (All About The Telescope, A Book About Planets and Stars) that we have already seen. Astronomy indeed is a fascinating subject. Ans Komarov makes it a point to tell the reader that. The back cover of the book says:

Written in a language easily accessible to a wide reader-ship, this book is an exposure of some extraordinary discoveries in modern astronomy and of the puzzling problems it still has to solve. It is also a presentation of facts defying traditional views, of original theoretical conjectures and new research methods. Debatable as-tronomical issues are set out in a lively and interesting form, and in conformity with the latest achievements in physics.

The author also uses science fiction to take the point to the reader. The text takes you to many topics which are at the frontier of research. The last Chapter is titled What If? is an interesting read. Apart from the content matter of astronomy discussed, he also takes us to realms of subject which would right fall in the category of Philosophy of Science. For example the relation between theory and observational fact and the possible implications that can be derived from them are discussed. The book was translated from the Russian by N. Kittell and was first published by Mir in 1985. There is a Hindi translation of the book, I do not know if it was translated into other Indian languages. The Hindi translation was done by Devendra P. Varma and was published by People’s Publishing House and Rajasthan People’s Publishing House (I don’t know what to make of the publisher as both the names are present below the Mir logo on the front page) in 1989. Thanks to Gordon for bringing this book to my notice and thanks to gnv64 for the book.

Update Jan 2020

The Internet Archive Link

Contents of the book are as follows:

Chapter 1. What Is Fascinating in Astronomy

Negation, the Beginning of Everything (18)

“Black Boxes” in Space (22)

Do Not Believe Your Own Eyes (25)

Astronomers May Err Too (33)

Common Sense Defied (36)

From Theory to Theory (41)

Chapter 2. The Solar Family

The Earth and the Pendulum (45)

The Star-Filled Sky Above (51)

What Is New on the Tunguska Meteorite (55)

Astronautics Checks Out Astronomy (62)

The Fate of a Hypothesis (65)

The Inevitable Craters (72)

Rings of Giant Planets (82)

Volcanoes in the Solar System (86)

The Moon and the Elementary Particles (93)

The Invisible Satellites (98)

Is There Motion by Inertia? (102)

Orbital Paradoxes (106)

How About a Game of Chess?(science fiction)(109)

Gravitation Against Gravitation (122)

A Strange Coincidence (125)

Are We In for a Catastrophe? (128)

The Sun and the Neutrino (132)

Chapter 3. Deep in the Universe The Universe (136)

In an Expanding Meta-galaxy (137)

Are We in the Centre? (146)

A Mysterious Background (148)

The Universe in Gamma-Rays (151)

Explosions in Space (155)

Black Holes in the Universe (163)

From Star to Star (167)

A New Surprise (169)

Some More on the Neutrino (171)

In Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (179)

The Imp (science fiction) (185)

Chapter 4. What If?

An Even Stranger World Is Imminent (206)

Over-loads and Weightlessness (209)

Can Night be Eliminated? (217)

People Without Stars (219)

If There Were No Moon (228)

If That Were Possible (230)

Faster Than Light? (234)

In a World of Faster-Than-Light Velocities (237)

What If There Are Four? (242)

In a Shrinking Universe (250)

Space Mirages (253)

Had It Been Foreseen (science fiction) (264)

Can Time Have Cycles? (280)

Is Our Universe the Only One? (282)

In Lieu of Conclusion.

The Revolution Is Put Off (science fiction) (286)

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19 Responses to Science for Everyone – This Fascinating Astronomy

  1. Pranjal Singhai says:

    I request you to add a problem book like zubov,Pinsky you have optics by matveev?


  2. gnv64 says:

    Dear damitr,

    I have just uploaded the following book:

    Fun with Maths and Physics : Brain Teasers, Tricks, Illusions
    By Yakov I. Perelman
    MIR Publishers, Moscow | 1988 | ISBN-10: 5030000259 | English | PDF | 376 pages | 12 mb
    Amazon Link :

    A big book that took me quite some time to scan & assemble!


    • damitr says:

      Thanks. I have to make a post on Yakov Perelman with links. Maybe I will do it after, Science for Everyone and Little Mathematics Library.


  3. ashish says:

    thanks for krotov…i just wanted to ask whether n piskunov’s differential and integral calculus is in science 4 evry1 series or that will there b any different series of ur posts for advanced math textbooks like this…also isn’t dis costing u a lot?


    • damitr says:

      Piskunov’s book is not a part of Science for Everyone. It is an independent book, either as a single volume or as two volumes, contents being the same. Maybe when we start posting mathematics books, we will also have many problem and solutions books. Cost is in terms of efforts, and with response from all the people who find this useful is more than what has been invested!
      : D


  4. somen says:

    books from mir publisher are delight to read,they are easy to understand and lucid relative to western popular science books .these books ignite scientific temper in you.
    many many thanks to damitr in bringing these gems . It is really an altruistic move .


  5. Muthuvel says:

    Hi damitr,
    You are an angel man, i tried in vein to find tarasov physics books for few years and finaly found your posts, you brought immense joy and happiness through these books to me, i deeply apreciate your service, cant be measured by monetary means, invaluable, invaluabe!

    Please keep it up…



  6. somen says:

    hi damitr,
    no new post yet,we are eagerly waiting for new post.


    • damitr says:

      My main work-horse machine had crashed, so was busy in re-animating her, she’s up now. Will start posting soon, too many books in the pipeline.

      But as told earlier, will finish of what is left of Science for Everyone series in this year.

      Update on the Science for Everyone Series:
      Of all the books that were listed in the series, the following ones remain untraceable as of now:

      Earth, sweet Earth Ekaterina Radkevich
      Origin and chemical evolution of the earth G.V. Voitkevich
      Modern geology N.A. Yasamanov
      Origin and development of life on earth G.V. Voitkevich
      The grand biological clock V.M. Dilman
      Learning about chemistry G. B. Shul’pin.
      Mystery of minerology B.I. Srebrodolsky
      Puppets without strings V.I. Varshavsky, D.A. Pospelov
      Ethology What animals do and why Igorʹ Akimushkin
      Traces of Bygone Biospheres A. V. Lapo

      Any information on their whereabouts and tracing them will be helpful.

      The rest of the books which are not posted as of now are on their way!



  7. Here are few on astronomy from MIR publishers:
    1.How the Universe exploded by I. Novikov
    2.General Astronomy Course by P.I. Bakulin
    3.New Astronomy Recreation by V. Komarov
    4.Observations of the Stellar Heaven by M.M. Dagaiev
    5.Problems and Exercises in Astronomy by B. A Vorontsov and Veliaminov
    About 100 books will be listed soon in others subjects like physics and (mathematics other then LML or PLM) of MIR publishers.


    • damitr says:

      We already have Komarov’s book: This Fascinating Astronomy. Link dead now.

      Will soon get

      Magic of Galaxies and Stars – L.E. Gurevich
      Space, Time Gravitation – Valdimirov et al
      Astronomy for Entertainment – Yakov Perelman
      Celestial Mechanics – Ryabov
      Problems and Exercises in Astronomy by B. A Vorontsov and Veliaminov


  8. Radhakrishnan Unni says:

    Dear damitr ,
    Thank you very much for these grand treat ..
    The buffet of Classic books yo have uploaded will help millions of future students.
    These books are especially helpful for competitive exams.
    Thank you !.
    You are doing a fantastic job!
    Radhakrishnan Unni


  9. taj Mohammed says:

    the books are not extracting, please check these errore message
    ! C:\Documents and Settings\ADM\My Documents\Downloads\ Unknown method in sfe-This_fascinating_astronomy.pdf
    ! C:\Documents and Settings\ADM\My Documents\Downloads\ No files to extract


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