Mir Publications is a name known to most Indians associated with excellent books in almost all subjects of interest, but especially in science and mathematics. Many people who I know, confess that the science and mathematics that they have understood, they owe to Mir Publications. I couldn’t agree more. The fascination that these books left me with in my childhood has is unforgettable. Also associated publishers were Foreign Languages Publishing House, Raduga Publishers and Progress Publishers. When I say Mir later, what is meant is the books published by ensemble of these publishers from the Soviet era.

The first book that I remember reading is one from Progress was when I was in 4th Grade, the Title of the Book was All About Telescope and since then I am like Alice in Wonderland. Russian books, rather books English published in the Soviet Russia, have had an unforgettable impression on my life.  The joy that these books have provided to me over the years is immeasurable. Not only these books were cheap, they were also published in many Indian languages: Hindi, Marathi and Bengali I know for sure. This provided an ideal platform and inspiration for many, who came to science. An entire generation of Indians came of age with the titles from Mir Publications. But with end of the Soviet era, the Mir saga came to an end. The Mir titles which at times were cheaply and easily available became scant. And finally ceased to be a part of the mainstream bookshops. Only places one could find them was in the used book shops, and that too became scarce as the years went by. This trend continues till date. To find a Mir title today even in a used book shop is nothing less than a MIRacle!!

I have collected many books from these publishers and they form most precious part of my collection.

Some of the classics of the Mir books are by Yakov Pereleman, Landau, Kitaigorodosky, Zeldovich, Matveev and the list goes on…

Some notable series were: Science for Every One, What is…, ABC of…, Physics for Everyone…

Many of the titles will be lost forever never to delight a new generation of readers. The knowledge that at least these books existed should not be lost. This blog is an project to make an comprehensive list of  the titles published by Mir and over the years. So that the knowledge about these titles goes to the larger community, so that in the future someone can take up their digitization and / or republication. I urge and request all the people who owe even a little bit to books by Mir to contribute their knowledge about these books here…

How you can contribute?

You can contribute to this project in many ways:

  1. Add the books which are not in the list.
  2. Add information whether e – copies of the books are available.
  3. Add the list of the books which were republished, and status of their availability.
  4. Locate hard copies of the books, in library or personal collections.
  5. Add information about the book, write reviews, personal experiences.

I hope that this small endeavor will be worth the effort and these gem of books will delight generations of readers to come…

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  1. vijay kapoor says:

    I have some mir titles with me. How can I get more titles and share them. Kindly revert.

    • damitr says:

      Hi Vijay,

      What we are trying to do here is to catalog the Mir books that were published in areas of science and mathematics.
      Many of the books that are listed here, are available on the internet, but most of them are not. When we have a complete listing
      of such books then we can see which ones are not there and perhaps, ask people to make copies of them. As far as getting more titles,
      you won’t get them in new book shops, but only in used ones. And all of them are out of print, so whenever you see one in a used book shop
      or at a raddiwala just grab it.

      Also just for making e-books, you can search libraries that you have access to,
      for the volumes that we do not have.
      If you want any help in how to make e-books from scans, I can help you with that.
      You can help the site by listing the books that you have, or know and which are not listed here.
      Amongst the books that are listed here you can add the covers, or other metadata, or reviews.
      Will be good to see more people interested in this endeavor.


      • electric-blue says:

        Mr. Damitr,
        It is simply fantastic to meet another MIR publisher fanatic(i assume). I simply love these books and have been buying/collecting as many as I can find around. I and my friends have a collection of about 40-50 titles in physics and mathematics alone.
        I hope it will be good news for you to know that I’m getting 5 books reprinted by CBS publishers ( they’ve printed books like irodov,krotov,piskunov,berman,maron,l.a.sena,vygodsky,ivanov etc.) The books I’ve suggested are going to come into the market probably next year; they are part of the marvelous set of books written by L.V.Tarasov, Belikov and Savelyev etc in higher physics.

      • Ray says:

        Do you have “Problems in Linear Algebra” by I. V. Proskuryakov? Thanks.

      • Anil says:

        please can you send me your email address,may be i can contribute.If some thing intresting i will mail it to you.

      • Anil says:

        Hi D please give me your email address may be i can contribute some thing.

      • karthikvenkatat says:

        I have mir title “animal travellers” by Igor akimushin (hard copy) how can I contribute it to this site?

      • vijay says:

        i am looking for the book ‘solving problems in algebra and trigonometry by litvinenko and mordkovich.
        please help me out

    • vijay says:

      i am looking for the book ‘solving problems in algebra and trigonometry by litvinenko and mordkovich.
      please help me out

  2. electric-blue says:

    are you diracofindia ?

    • damitr says:

      No. I am not.
      But I am in touch with diracofindia, via L N U.
      diracofindia has given me names of some of the titles in the Physics Problem Books.

  3. damitr says:


    Thanks for the response. As you have guessed correctly I am a MIR fanatic :)
    I have been searching for these books in raddi shops and a few old/used book depots that I know in different cities. It is great to know that CBS is publishing some of these gems! Cheers! We need to get all of them back rolling!

  4. Anil says:

    Hi Damitr

    Even i grew up reading many soviet era books published by mir, raduga. There also used to be a magazine called MIsha. I wonder what has happened to all these books. Can you share the soft copies of the books you have in this website.

    • damitr says:

      Hi Anil,

      Yes, there used to be a magazine called Misha. I am also searching for it, from quite some time but not have been able to get any. Neither I know of people who have this magazine. These books stopped publishing after the former USSR collapsed. As of now, most of these books, baring a few exceptions republished by CBS in India are out of print. And as of now I have not posted any links to soft-copies of these books here. But many of them are available on the internet already.

  5. deepankar says:

    i have PHYSICS for Every One -ELECTRONS in hard copy .
    But want to read / have copy of other Volumes.

    Please revert for :
    1 . How can I up-load the one ( if your site is not having the same)
    2. Where can I download the other volumes ?

    plz reply at shivam017@gmail.com

    • damitr says:

      Hi Deepankar,

      The scanned copies of the other that you want are already on the internet. Just do a search, I will post the links soon.

  6. pranu singh says:

    ive some soft copies…..
    basically ive searcghed through the net and hardly any traces of mir books are found..
    could you please link us to a page where all the possible titles could be uploaded and downloaded

    • damitr says:

      I have put links to some books already. But anyone knows about links to other books, they can post the links in the comments of the posts.

  7. Srinivas says:

    Hi Damitr,
    I would like to buy rights of all books (wat ever possible) by Chingiz Aitmatov for India.(I guess its Raduga Publishers? does it belong to MIR now) Does the copy right still hold good and should I approach someone or can I go ahead and use them since author and publishers are not accessible?
    Pls reply to my email pjittus@yahoo.com .

    • damitr says:

      Hi Srinivas,

      I do not know where to contact for republication rights. But if the books are more than 50 years old the copyright does not hold. Maybe approaching the Russian embassy might be a good idea.


  8. Hi
    Am also interested in Physics in MIR publishers,CBS publishers Wiley publishers. and also have 5 MIR e-books physics E-books.And if u want them then You can take them via E-mail.


    • damitr says:

      Can you list them?


      • hey bro damitr they are _________
        1 A.A pinsky vol 1 and 2
        2 nuclear reactors
        3 quantum electromagnetism
        4 theory of relativity
        5 series from landau :D

        • damitr says:

          Who is the author of Quantum Electromagnetism, and Theory of Relativity (Ugarov?), and which in series from Landau you could get (Course in Theoretical Physics?). Anyways happy hunting the old book shops. Do look for books in other subjects by Soviet Publishers.



        • Ganesh says:

          can you give me the first one AA PInsky vol 1 & 2

    • JAGADEESAN says:

      Plz send mir e books to jasjagadeesan@gmail.com
      i am a tutor in a small town

    • muthuvel says:

      Dear sir,
      I am interested in your books please please mail them to pentapixels at gmail.com

      I deeply apprecitate it. When I am back in India I am going to scan and upload some mire books I have.


    • naga varun says:

      Dear Ankit Gahlawat
      I want the
      1 A.A pinsky vol 1 and 2
      2 nuclear reactors
      3 quantum electromagnetism
      4 theory of relativity through email.
      Please sir I request you kindly send me through email.
      I myself have lot of mir books I am scanning now when I complete I will send you through email.

  9. AN says:

    Hi Damitr
    I am searching for Mir Publishers book in pph showrooms, nai sarak market and daryaganj market. I reside in New Delhi. The books I am searching for are:
    Algebra: A study aid for self-education by S . M . Niklolsky
    Problems in Linear Algebra by I v proskorykov
    all the little mathematics library books.
    i recommend that we should start uploading all these books to digitalize them. by team effort and contribuution from all of us we will be able to upload all the rare books.please reply and express ur thoughts.

    • damitr says:


      I did not get what you are trying to say, where did you get the covers and content of the book? It may be that all the book is also available there.


  10. s.sanjay says:

    Dear D,
    no such luck. got it from a book-order site. the site is “http://www.antikva.hu/onan/reszletek.jsp;jsessionid=21BBEC4D332883E0E3D67FE46AEB7769?katalogusid=247607&affiliate=bongeszes”. about two months ago, only the cover was available. now the contents pages have also become available. posted the contents just to show the relevance of the book. anybody wanting to know about S.M. Nikolsky, just has to type his name on google. He was a legend. MK Potapov is his student. In the erstwhile USSR, top mathematicians and scientists used to write school textbooks and study-aids.

  11. dbj.an says:

    Hi Damitr
    Thank you very much for providing these books.
    My favorite subject is chemistry, and now studying in the field of polymer.
    Quantum chemistry lesson when I pass, I met with ABC Quantum and Quantum and beyond, that I was interested in physics.
    (This book is the Persian translation)
    I was very pleased to see other books from this publisher.
    I learned ensure physics should be published Mir.
    Chemistry of these books have you published?
    Or you can guide me in preparation chemistry and polymer books?
    Thank you

  12. Malm Steen says:

    Huge collection of MIR books available for download and their description :


  13. guys am big fan of physics and mostly RUSSIAN PHYSICS so am collecting books from delhi.


  14. Damitr from where can i get 1960,70,80’s NCERT physics books

    plz tell


  15. Ashish says:

    Hey damitr,can you provide the link to dorofeev’s elementary mathematics in advance…………….Also,how long will it take before u start problem books?

  16. hi Ashish
    This book easily available on G.K. publishers.

  17. MIR fan says:

    You may find a great website were MIR has uploaded hundreds of books for free (and legal). It is
    Most are in Spanish, but there are a few in English.

    Good luck

  18. Hey MIR fan
    There i have not find any book in English .Can u plz list them.

  19. Damitr Brother can u upload books of Imported Publications.There are many nice books about science.

  20. sandy says:

    Hi Damitr,

    Its a great work trying to find the sources for all the rear books, particularly from MIR.
    I was searching for 3 books which were not found anywhere in the internet.
    They are,
    1. Solid State Physics by G.I.Epifanov
    2. Introduction to Solid State Electronics by Yepifanov.
    3. Physical Principles of Microelectronics by Yepifanov.
    These books provide a great knowledge for those who are into electronics.
    If you find them any where please kindly upload them, also if i get them I shall do the same.

  21. sandy says:




  22. vivisimo says:

    Hi, Damitr!
    It’s nice to know that a member(s) from Library.nu are continue contributing to the ebook community.

    I have scanned N. Piskunov – Differential and Integral Calculus 1969, and intended to post on LNU, but too bad, the site’s now closed.

    I think your site is the best place to post this book, a MIR books’ site.

    The book is 20MB size, in DJVU, 600dpi, OCRed, no cover:


    • m95 says:

      Thanks a lot for this great post……………..if you have the links of other mir books on math, phys,chem, it will be nice to receive it………………..thanks a gain

  23. Here are engineering books by MIR publications :
    1.Drives by M. Chilikin
    2.Short Course of Theoretical Mechanics by S.M. Targ
    3.Course of Descriptive Geometry by V. Gordon
    4.The Electrician accumulators by L. Semenov
    5.Elements of Automation by S. Kolosov
    6.Building Structures by V.N. Baykov and S.G. Strongin
    7.Electrical Fundamentals by M. Kuznetsov
    8.Electrical Fundamentals by A.S. Kasatkin
    9.Fundamentals of the Theory of Aging Machinery by A.I. Selivanov
    10.Fundamentals of the Theory and Calculation of Reliability by B. Sotskov
    11.Editor’s Guide – Fitter Electrician by V. Zevin and E. Parini
    12.Hydraulics by B. Nekrasov
    13.Hydraulics by N. Kremenetski
    14.Engineering of Design vol.1&vol.2 by P. Orlov
    15.Cable Installers by L. Smirnov
    16.Introduction to Topology by Yu. Borisovich
    17.Introductory Mathematics for Engineers by A.D. Myskis
    18.Beginners Guide About Electrical and Electrotechnical Materials by N.V. Nikulin
    19.Maintenance of Facilities to Transport Fluids Chemicals by M.I. Vedernikov – I.V. Rudoy
    20.Electrical Machines vol.1&vol.2 by M. Kostenko and L.Piotrovski
    21.Special Course of Construction Mechanics by V.A. Kiselyov
    22.Mechanical Construction Examples and Problems by V.A. Kiselyov
    23.Mechanical Construction vol.1&vol.2 by V.A. Kiselyov
    24.Laboratory Practice on Strength of Materials by A. Afanasiev and V. Marien
    25.Principles of Crystallography by E. Flint
    26.Problems of Fundamentals of Hydraulic and Thermal Engineering by V.G. Erojin and M.G. Majanko
    27.Hydraulic problems by B. Nekrasov
    28.Problems of Strength of Materials by I. Miroliubov
    29.Problems of Strength of Materials by A. Volmir
    30.Thermotechnology Problems by G. Pnakratov
    31.Transient electronic processes in power systems by V. Venikov
    32.Electrical Equipment Repair Industrial Business by V. ATABEKOV
    33.Strength of Materials by V.I. Feodosiev
    34.Strength of Materials by P. Stiopin
    35.Strength of Materials by N.M. Belyaev
    36.Structural Mechanics by A. Darkov and V. Kuznetsov
    37.Tasks for Technical Drawing Course by S. Bogoliubov
    38.Metal Technology by A. Kucher
    39.Theory of Mechanisms and Machines by V. Zinoviev

  24. db.jan says:

    Hi Damitr
    Thank you for uploading this book.
    Do you have the following books
    **Physical chemistry of polymers.(Tager A.)
    *A guide to practical radiochemistry. In 2 vols.(Nesmeyanov A.N)
    *An Intrоduсtiоn tо Rаdiаtiоn Chеmistry. Third Editiоn(J.W.T.Spinks., R.J.Wооds.)
    *Rheology of polymers.(Vinogradov C., Malkin A.)
    *Photonics of biopolymers(Vekshin N.L.)
    *The chemistry and physics of polymers.(Kuleznev V.N., Shershnev V.A.)
    *Polymers in Medicine and Surgery(Kronenthal R.L. et al)
    *Advances in polymer chemistry.(Korshak V.V)
    **Laboratory manual of organic synthesis(Khramkina M.N.)
    *Processing of man-made fibres. (Usenko V.)
    *Examples and problems to the course of unit operations of chemical engineering.(Romankov P.G)
    *Plugging materials and the cementing of wells(Bulatov A.)
    *Basic chemical engineering with practical applications.(Kutepov A.M., Bondareva T.I., Berengarten M.G.)
    *Calculations of chemical technological processes.(Mukhlyonov I.P)
    *Petroleum.(Sokolov V.)
    *Fundamentals of mass transfer: gas-liquid, vapour-liquid and liquid-liquid systems.(Kafarov V.)
    *Experiment optimization in chemistry and chemical engineering. (Akhnazarova S., Kafarov V.)

    • db.jan says:


      *Fertilizer manufacture.(Rozin M.E.)
      *Advances in organosilicon chemistry. (Voronkov M.G)
      *Advances in organometallic chemistry.(Reutov O.A)
      *The chemical protection of plants. (Gruzdyev G.S., Zinchenko V.A., Kalinin V.A., Slovtsov R.I)
      *Sephadex. Gel Filtration in Theory and Practice
      *Electrochemical machining of metals.(Rumyantsev E., Davydov A.)
      *Analytical chemistry in metallurgy.(Posypaiko V.I., Vasina N.A.)
      *Logic of the Quantum World and the origin of Life on Earth(Yanchilin V)
      *On the way to superelements. (Flerov G.N., llyinov A.S.)
      *Learning about chemistry(Shulpin G.B.)
      *Analytical chemistry of rare elements.(Busev A.I., Tiptsova V.G., Ivanov V.M.)
      *Stereochemistry. (Potapov V.M.)
      *Inorganic chemistry. (Akhmetov N.)
      *Problems in general chemistry.(Glinka N.L.)
      *The foundations of chemical kinetics(Yeremin E.N.)
      *Physical and colloidal chemistry(Akhmetov B., Novichenko Yu., Chapurin V.)
      *Modern physics in chemistry(Fluck E., Goldanskii V.I.)
      *Chemistry a refresher course. (Oganesian E.T.)

  25. ankitphysics says:

    Here are some books I am aware of—–
    1.Metal-cutting tool production by Palay M – Mir Publishers Moscow(1987) – 536 pages
    2.Metal cutting theory and cutting tool design by Arshinov V – Alekseev G – Mir Publishers Moscow (1976) – 570 pages
    3.Machine tools by Chernov N – Mir Publishers Moscow(1975) – 442 pages
    4.Manufacturing Engineering by V.Danilevsky – Mir Publishers Moscow( 1973) – 550 pages
    5.Dies, moulds, and jigs by V . Vladimirov – Mir Publishers Moscow(1972) – 468 pages
    6.Welding and cutting of metals by M. Khanapetov – Mir Publishers Moscow(1979) – 221 pages
    7.Practical Bench Work by N.I Makienko – Mir Publishers Moscow(1984) – 184 pages

  26. ankitphysics says:

    plz check out if they exists already let me know here we go —–

    1.Kinetics of Organic Reactions by K.Leidler in 1969-348 pages
    2.In the realm of Catalysis by V.A.Afanasievand G.E. Zaikov in 1979-120 pages
    3.A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis in 1977-462 pages
    4.Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations by L.Elsgolts in 1970- 440 pages
    5.A Book of Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations by M.L. Krasnov,A.I. Kiselyov and G.I. Makarenko in 1981-331 pages
    6.Amorphous and Polycristalline Semiconductors by V.Heivang-147pages
    7.In Physics of Hydrogenised Amorphous Silicon vol.1&2 by G.E. Goannopoulos and G.Lukovsky in 1988-259 pages each
    8.General Metallurgy by Sevryukov,B. Kuzmin and Y.Chelishchev in 1969-545 pages
    9.Practical aid for oil well operators by V.Enikeev in 1970- 390 pages
    10.The working of mineral deposits by George N. Popov in 1971-616 pages
    11.Operation of Oil and Gas well by V.MuraVyor in 1975
    12.Nuclear Physics by Yu.M.Shirkov and N.P. Yudin vol.1&2 in 1982
    13.Experimental Nuclear Physics by K.Mukhin in 1987
    14.Nuclear physics and nuclear reactors
    by A. Klimov-404 pages
    15.The powerhouse of the atom by K. Gladkov in 1972-303 pages
    16.Physics of Dielectric Materials by B.Tareev in 1973
    17.Semiconductor Physics by P.S. Kireev in 1975 1st Edition -693 pages
    18.Applied Methods in the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations by V.M. Starzhinski in 1980
    19.Introduction to Nonlinear Oscillations by N.Butenin,Y.Neimark and N.Fufaev in 1987
    20.A collection of problems of mechanics by I V Meshcherskii
    21.Collection of problems in classical mechanics by G L Kotkin; V G Serbo
    22.Problems in undergraduate physics by S P Strelkov; V L Ginzburg
    23.Mechanics by S. P. Strelkov in 1978-565 pages
    24.Quantum mechanics by A.A. Sokolov,I.M. Ternov and V.C. Zhukovskii in 1984-496 pages
    25.Particles, quanta, waves by IAK.A.Smorodinskii in 1976-115 pages
    26.In quest of the quantum by L.I. Ponomarev in 1973 – 374 pages
    27.Elementary physics: problems and solutions by I.P. Gurskii in 1987 – 510 pages
    28.Physics A General Course: Vol.1&2 Mechanics, molecular physics & Electricity and magnetism, waves, optics by I.V. Savelev in 1980
    29.Problems in general physics by V.S. Volkenshtein in 1980 – 349 pages
    30.Problems in theoretical physics by L.G. Grechko in 1977 – 447 pages
    31.Theoretical mechanics
    by M.S. Movnin,A.B. Izraelit in 1970 – 411 pages
    32.Constructive Methods in the Analysis of Nonlinear Systems by Evgeny Grebenikov, Yuri Ryabov in 1983 – 328 pages
    33.Algebra and Fundamentals of Analysis by M.I. Kachenovsky,G. Yakovlev in 1981 – 567 pages
    34.Equations of mathematical physics by A.V. Bitsadze in 1980 – 318 pages
    35.A Collection Of Problems On The Equations Of Mathematical Physics by Andrey Bitsadze, D. F. Kalinichenko in 1980 – 334 pages
    36.Generalized Functions in Mathematical Physics V.S. Vladimirov in 1979 – 362 pages
    37.Equations of mathematical physics by V.S. Vladimirov in 1984 – 464 pages
    38.Problems In The Theory Of Functions Of A Complex Variable by L.I. Volkovysk,G.L. Lunts ,I.G. Aramanovich in 1977 – 332 pages
    39.Macroscopic Theories Of Matter and Fields:A Thermodyanamic Approach by L. Sedov in 1983 – 263 pages
    40.Physics of Magnetic Semiconductors by E.L. Nagaev in 1983 – 388 pages
    41.Modern astronomy by I.A. Klymyshyn in 1991 – 416 pages
    42.A Course of Theoretical Physics vol.1&2 by A.S. Kompaneyets in 1978
    43.Textbook of elementary physics vol 1,2&3 by G.S. Landsberg in 1972
    44.Heat And Mass Transfer by Alexi Lykov, A. Kortnev in 1980 – 623 pages
    45.Physics A refresher course by B.M. Yavorsky,A.Seleznev in 1979 – 654 pages
    46.Universal Physics Constants by O.P. Spiridonov in 1986 – 203 pages
    47.Operational Methods by V.P. Maslov in 1976 – 559 pages
    48.The Design of Experiments to find optimal conditions by Yuri P. Adler, Elena Markova in 1975 – 287 pages
    49.Anatoli Arkadyevich Blagonravov by K.V. Frolov,A.A.Parkhomenko,M.K. Uskov in 1986 – 332 pages(Outstanding Soviet Scientists series)
    50.Aksel Berg A man of the 20th century by I.L. Radunskaia in 1986 – 360 pages (Outstanding Soviet Scientists series)
    51.Kapitza:Life and Discoveries by F.B. Fedrov in 1984 – 198 pages (Outstanding Soviet Scientists series)
    52.Rem Khokhlov by V. Grigoriev in 1985 – 108 pages (Outstanding Soviet Scientists series)
    53.Academecian Steklov Mathematician Extraordinary by V.S. Vladimirov,I. Markush in 1983 – 125 pages (Outstanding Soviet Scientists series)
    54.Fundamentals Of Crystal Physics by Yu.I.Sirotin,M.P. Shaskolskaya in 1982 – 654 pages
    55.Mathematical Analysis by V.B. Uvarov in 1988 – 335 pages
    56.An advanced course of theoretical mechanics for engineering students by V.M. Starzhinskii in 1982 – 472 pages
    57.Remotely controlled robots and manipulators by V.S. Kuleshov,N.A. Lakota in 1988 – 319 pages
    58.Topics in radioelectronic and laser system design by I. B. Fedorov, M. Edelev in 1992 – 245 pages
    59.Pulse Circuits by V.T. Frolkin,Lev N.Popov in 1982 – 390 pages
    60.Low temperature physics by A.S. Borovik-Romanov in 1985 – 296 pages
    61.Solving problems in algebra and trigonometry by V. N. Litvinenko, A. G. Mordkovich in 1987 – 312 pages

  27. Robert says:

    Dear Friends
    I am interested in getting the book from the publisher MIR, if someone has it please attach it to my email: rovegapa_25@yahoo.es

    BooK: Experiment optimization in chemistry and chemical engineering. (Akhnazarova S., Kafarov V.)

    Thank you

  28. Ritu Raj Raman says:

    I have in physics
    1. Fundamentals of physics by Ivanov.
    2.I v savelyev vol 1 mechanics and electrodynamics fundamentals of theoritical physics. Vol 2 quantum mechanics.
    3. Fock-fundamental of quantum mechanics.
    4. E i nagaev physics of magnetic semiconductors.
    5. F evdokimov fundamentals of electricity.
    6. Assembly practise in machine building
    by korsakov and zamyatin.
    7. Junior physics by av peryshkin n a rodina
    8. Problems in general physics by Wolkenstein
    9.Problems in physics zubov and shalnov
    10. Elementry physics by i p gurskil
    11.Problems in elementry physics by bukhovtsev shalnov and 2 more
    12.Physics problems for technisians by gladkova zhandov and 2 more
    13.Problems in physics by A.A pinsky
    14.Physics for every1 book 1 physical bodies by landau.
    15.Aptitude test by s s krotov
    16.A collection of ques and problems in phy by l a sena
    17.And 3 books by irodov excluding nuclear physics.

    • Saji says:

      Can I have a copy of Junior Physics by Rodina,Peryshkin . Problems by Pinsky ,Wolkenstein .E book or Xerox whatever.I ‘m prepared to pay the cost.Thanks

    • Gustavo says:

      Hello Raman, i’m a fan mir books as well. i’d like t know if you could put the links (or send me an e-mail: gustavo_galvao@hotmail.com) to some books listed. They’re:

      – Problems in physics zubov and shalnov
      – Elementry physics by i p gurskil
      – Aptitude test by s s krotov (the link in the blog is not ok)
      – A collection of ques and problems in phy by l a sena


    • m95 says:


    • m95 says:

      Thanks a lot for your nice post, we need links of these great collection

      • damitr says:

        Links to some of the books have been posted in other posts. Check them.


        • m95 says:

          Thanks damitr, some little books of this list are on other posts, and this is a great and appreciated effort. we waiting for the the rest of these interesting collections in physics. thanks again for your kind attention and reply.

    • K S MANOJ says:

      Can I have a copy of Junior Physics by Rodina,Peryshkin . Problems by Pinsky ,Wolkenstein .E book or Xerox whatever.I ‘m prepared to pay the cost.Thanks

  29. Ritu Raj Raman says:

    In mathematics i have
    1. Problems in mathematics by govorov dybov miroshin and smirnova.
    2.A probldm book in algebra by v a krechmar.
    3.A problem book in mathematical analysis by gn berman
    4. Problems in calculus of 1 variable by i a maron
    5.Higer mathematics for beginners by ya.B.Zeldovich
    6.Elementary mathematics by dorofeev potapov and rozov
    7.Little Mathematics libraray
    i.Algebric equations of arbitary degrees.
    ii.Areas and logarithms
    iii.Calculus of rational functions.

  30. Ritu Raj Raman says:

    In chemistry i just have 1 book.
    Problems and exercise in general chemistry by
    i would appreciate the inisitative taken by Damitir its awsme d only thng google show when i searchd mir. Bro lets have al d books of mir . Ussr gave india d mst dangerous weapon d weapon of knowledge . V indians will always have respct 4 ussr.

    • Alagar says:

      Hi Raman,

      Can you helpme with the pdf format of the book
      Problems and exercise in general chemistry by N.L.Glinka
      Elementary mathematics by dorofeev potapov and rozov
      Areas and logarithms

      Thanks and Regards,

  31. ankitphysics says:

    I will have 300 books till May with 3 copies each.But who would like to scan those.Inform me.

  32. Ronald says:

    Hi. I want to know the password for Tasarov’s Calculus. And by the way, are there any more books that are protected by these passwords? Thanks.

  33. db.jan says:

    I have electron-phonons-magnons ebook(kaganov 1981).
    Do you want this book?

  34. Gustavo says:

    Hello Damitr,

    Congratulations for the idea and executation of this website. I’d like some titles listed here, but in their links occureds errors. At the momenet they’re Aptitude Test (Krotov) and Our Planet, The Earth. Could you help me?


  35. Dr Narayanan says:

    I have cleaned the book Calculus by Tarasov.You can download it from http://ifile.it/ywpqmxz/Calculus_lvtarasov.pdf

  36. Ashish says:

    Hey Damitr
    I just tried to convert the electronic russian versions of the kvant magazine into english using google translate. As I found out not many(with not many i mean about 100-150) articles were available in pdf format. The problem I am facing with these pdf documents is that they are written in basically two fonts -the introductory para in a font recognisable by google translator as well as a few cyrillic fonts i have downloaded for ms word.However the remaining paragraphs are written in a font not recognisable by either of these systems. I want to know how can i determine in which font are these remaining paras are written so that i can download it and carry on the translation work. Just download one kvant problems page from here :(http://kvant.mccme.ru/pdf/2001/04/kv0401probl.pdf).

  37. vj says:

    Hello D,
    i am interested in the following books.
    Could you please post them?
    the links of all the books below are dead.

    elementary kinematics of elementary particles
    the greatest speed
    problems in plane geometry
    differential equations in applications
    physical paradoxes and sophisms
    motion and heat
    discussions on refraction of light

  38. lakab ism says:

    congratulations for this great work;and for me i have french editions ,and i know there is other language as portuguese and perhaps spanish

  39. miguel says:

    Dear Friends
    I am interested in getting the book from the publisher MIR, if someone has it I would appreciaate it.

    BooK: Experiment optimization in chemistry and chemical engineering. (Akhnazarova S., Kafarov V.)

    Thank you

  40. Aditya says:

    hello damitr,
    I would be grateful if u upload the following books

    1)Problems in physics A.A.Pinsky
    2)General methods for solving physics problems B. S. Belikov
    3)Elementary physics: problems and solutions I. P. Gurskiĭ

    4)A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics

    Author: L A SENA

    5)V. Zubov & V. Shalnov Problems in Physics
    6)”Fundamentals of Physics” by A.A.Pinsky and B.M. Yavorsky vol 1 &2

    and shotly i will be uploading Fundamentals of physics by b.n.ivanov

    • damitr says:

      Ivanov would be a great contribution. Except Gurskii and Belikov, Fundamentals of Physics we may see other books soon.


  41. Kiran says:

    Dear all,

    I found the link for the book i was looking for a long time ‘ When daddy was a little boy’ By Alexander Raskin. Herewith I am sharing the link with you.



    • damitr says:

      Thanks for the links. CBS Publishers have brought out many many Mir books, but not all of them are in print always.


  42. Aditya says:

    Problems in calculus of One Variable I.A.Maron


  43. shivendra dhyani says:

    sir, my father gave me few books as gift published by mir publications some 25 years back. most of them i still possess. now i want to gift such books to good students of my school. please send me a list of books published in hindi.

  44. Ivan says:

    Your website is incredible! I’ve found many books I’ve been searching for a really long time!
    Keep with the good job! I will tell my friends about mirtitles.org, and if I find any different mir book I will, for sure, send it to you!
    Thanks a lot!

  45. Louis says:

    Thanks man! I really appreciate your hard work uploading all this!
    this is going to be very useful to me in the future, when I’m at college!
    Thank you again!

  46. ABHINAV says:

    Please my email is abhinav.chanana@gmail.com, send me link of B N Ivanov Fundamentals of physics as soon as possible plzzz guyzzzz just attach and send

  47. db.jan says:

    Thank you for the books that have recently updated.
    Do you have a popular book on electrochemistry or metallurgy?

  48. Aditya says:

    Problem book in high-school mathematics A. I. Prilepko

    https://rapidshare.com/files/661815104/Prilepko – Problem Book In High School Mathematics.djvu

  49. Aditya says:

    Hello damitr and other users please help me ,
    im having the following ebooks of mir publishers please give me the list of books which have not been published on this website and i will upload them and post the links here

    1)Mine Surveying V.Borshch,A.Navitny
    2)Chemical Elements how they were discovered D.N.Trifonov & V.D.Trifonov
    3)Aerodynamics 1 N.F.Krasnov
    4)Equations of Mathematical Physics A.V.Vitasdze
    5)Fundamentals of machine design-1 P.Orlov
    6)Practical Inorganic Chemistry O.I.Vorobyova,and 4 authors
    7)Tales about metals S.Venetsky
    8)What is the theory of relativity L.Landau,Yu.Rumer
    9)Designs of automotive design A.kolchin and V.Demidov
    10)Did you say mathematics Ya.Khurgin
    11)Figures for fun Yakov Perelman
    12)Mathematics can be fun Yakov Perelman
    13)Problems in mathematical analysis G. baranenkov and 9 other authors
    14)Radio Recievers V.Barkan V.Zhdanov
    15)A course of Differential Geometry and Topoogy A.Mishchenko A.Fomenko
    16)Mechanics and theory of relativity A.N.Mateev
    17)Little Mathematics Library Inequalities P.P.Korovkin
    18)Atlas 0f Human anatomy -1 R.D.Sinelnikov
    19)Atlas 0f Human anatomy -2 R.D.Sinelnikov
    20)Epidemiology and fundamentals of infectious diseases M.L.Volovskaya

    • damitr says:

      Out of the list above following are already on the site:

      2)Chemical Elements how they were discovered D.N.Trifonov & V.D.Trifonov here
      6)Practical Inorganic Chemistry O.I.Vorobyova,and 4 authors here
      8)What is the theory of relativity L.Landau,Yu.Rumer here
      10)Did you say mathematics Ya.Khurgin here
      11)Figures for fun Yakov Perelman here


    • damitr says:

      Also I will be soon posting Matveev, so you can leave that out. And if you have already begun making links, please post the alternative links in the respective posts. That would be of great help.


  50. Aditya says:

    Mine Surveying V.Borshch,A.Navitny


  51. Aditya says:

    Aerodynamics 1 N.F.Krasnov


  52. Aditya says:

    Equations of Mathematical Physics A.V.Vitasdze


  53. Aditya says:

    Fundamentals of machine design-1 P.Orlov


  54. Aditya says:

    Designs of automotive design A.kolchin and V.Demidov


  55. Aditya says:

    Mathematics can be fun Yakov Perelman


    • vijay joshi says:

      i am looking for a mir book .solving problems in algebra and trigonometry by litvenenko and mordkovich.please help

  56. Aditya says:

    Problems in mathematical analysis G. baranenkov and 9 other authors


  57. Aditya says:

    Radio Recievers V.Barkan V.Zhdanov


  58. Aditya says:

    A course of Differential Geometry and Topoogy A.Mishchenko A.Fomenko


  59. Aditya says:

    Mechanics and theory of relativity A.N.Mateev


  60. Aditya says:

    Little Mathematics Library Inequalities P.P.Korovkin


  61. Aditya says:

    Atlas 0f Human anatomy -1 R.D.Sinelnikov


    Atlas 0f Human anatomy -2 R.D.Sinelnikov


    • desperadomar says:

      Hi aditya most of the links you provided are not working ,If you a copy of these in your private HDD please upload it somewhere and post the links in ‘Submitting new links’ page

      • Aditya says:

        @desperadomar As i m busy wit my exams it may take some time for me to upload .Hope u may get the links in 1-2weeks :)

        • desperadomar says:

          Ok aditya ,take your own time

          • desperadomar says:

            @aditya,any updates

          • Aditya says:

            thank u for reminding,i completely forgot about this,,,give me the list of books u require from above and i will upload it by tom afternon

          • desperadomar says:

            Thanks for reply I will give you the list ,just give me some time to sort these things.

          • desperadomar says:

            Here it the list

            Mine Surveying V.Borshch,A.Navitny

            Equations of Mathematical Physics A.V.Vitasdze

            Designs of automotive design A.kolchin and V.Demidov

            A course of Differential Geometry and Topoogy A.Mishchenko A.Fomenko

            Mechanics and theory of relativity A.N.Mateev

            Atlas 0f Human anatomy -1 R.D.Sinelnikov

            Atlas 0f Human anatomy -2 R.D.Sinelnikov

            Epidemiology and fundamentals of infectious diseases M.L.Volovskaya

            please upload and post the links

  62. Aditya says:

    Epidemiology and fundamentals of infectious diseases M.L.Volovskaya


  63. m95 says:

    A lot of Thanks Aditya, for these nice great posts, Pls if you have Tager, Physical chemistry of polymers and Tareev Physics of the dielectrics, I’ll be appreciated if you give us their links.

  64. Anon says:

    Hi Aditya, thanks a lot for the posts! Could you also post Tales about metals by S.Venetsky please?

  65. featherycondor says:

    I remember when I was doing my Engineering that there were two books that I used a lot and loved reading:
    a) Nikolayev and Popov: Electrical Engineering
    b) Zeveke, Ionkin, Strakhov: Electrical Circuit Theory

    The figures, the lucidity of the explanations and the production quality of the books… were par excellence. And the cost of the books was so low, it seemed as if I was stealing the book from the bookshop.

  66. Yogesh says:

    Hi Damitr;
    I love ur site very much.
    I think its ‘the best best best with a ton of stars’ site.

    First time on internet; I went for searching Mir Publisher books & came to know about ur site at an instant.
    & I m totally satisfied & happy with the Mir books.
    I m really enjoying them.
    I know; u r really busy these days in ur work & in scanning rest Science For Everyone series.
    But would u mind giving the link to download “Problems in Physics – A. A. Pinsky”.
    I was really searching for this but all in vain.

    Plz reply this Damitr:)

    & for everyone; link to download “Problems in elementary Physics – B. Bukhovtsev et. al”

    Here is this –


  67. Krishna says:

    Hi, I have the hardcopy of “A course of Mathematical Analysis” by Nikolsky – Volume II, Let me know if it would be of any help

  68. shovon says:

    Can I have download links for these books? I tried a lot but didnot find them anywhere-
    1. Elementary Physics (Vol- 1, 2, 3) by G S Landsberg
    2. Fundamentals of physics by A A Pinsky and B M Yavorsky
    3. Problems in physics by A A Pinsky

    Please do me the favour.

  69. andre says:

    where can i find Landsberg’s Elementary physics

  70. shovon says:

    At least someone tell me whether the above mention books are avialable or not :( please someone respond.

  71. suyash mishra says:

    i want to buy a book new or used whether it is found {problems in physics by shalnov and zubov}

    contact me as soon as possible at [harsh.coolmishra@gmail.com].

  72. a mind blowing collector found on net @


    i hope u know each other.

  73. adhi says:

    hi damitr
    i wanted to know why downloads form ifeleit do nt work on my pc
    eg. landau’s p f e didnt work.
    if u can tell me where hard copies of physics for eveyone or tell some trusted links it wud b helpful

  74. sachin sharma says:

    Good Day!
    Do you please let me know from where can I get the solutions of G Dorofeev’s elementary mathematics book.


    Sachin Sharma
    New Delhi, India

  75. ravimadras says:

    dear friends,
    i am one of the mir publishers popular science books fan,please let me know where i can get ebooks of mir publication

  76. 0kelvin says:

    Is differential and integral calclus by Bugrov good? There seems to be one at the engineering (civil) department. It can be missing though, last time I went there seeking “engineering mathematics” by Bugrov but the book was missing (stolen or something).

  77. Gustavo says:

    Hello! Someone have good news about Elementary Physics (Vol- 1, 2, 3) by G S Landsberg?

    They’re very good references! Plz scan the books and post links!


  78. dr pavan reddy says:

    hello damitr
    cant resist myself saying thanks to you every time i think about mir books.
    you have brought my childhood life back to me.. which i thought it would be gone for ever.
    i have downloaded about 30 books some of which i got print out and made hard copy with a perfect leather binding restoring its vintage feel…
    and now i am going to gift that books to my brother …with whom i used to spend my childhood days reading that books …
    thanks to you damitr//
    if some one wants soft copy i will post them to your address
    email id : pavanreddy.1857@gmail.com

  79. Max says:

    Hi guys! Can anyone tell me where I can get : “Lectures in Higher Mathematics” by A.D.Myshkis ; “Mathematics for Technical Institutes. Special Courses” by A.D.Myshkis;
    “Elements of Applied Mathematics” by A.D.Myshkis and Ya.B.Zel’dovich ; ” Elements of Mathematical Physics. Media Consisting of Noninteracting Particles” by A.D.Myshkis and Ya.B.Zel’dovich. Thank you very much!

  80. I got a book on Physical Principles of Micro Electronics. by G. Yepifanov. How can i send it to you so that you can keep it your blog for the others to download.

  81. Manu Kant says:

    Hello dear!

    ANY IDEA where one can buy MArx’s collected works?

    I am keen to buy them. Your help would be appreciated.



  82. mir fan says:

    Only 3 books of MIR in English in this page http://www.elibros.cl (unfortunately most -around 500 books- are in Spanish in this webpage, generously donated by MIR itself):

    A Course of Differential Geometry and Topology
    Autor: A. Mishchenko – A. Fomenko
    Link: http://www.elibros.cl/matematicas.php?_pagi_pg=4

    Problems in mathematical Statistics
    Autor: G. Ivchenko y Otros
    Gentileza de: Editorial MIR
    Link: http://www.elibros.cl/matematicas.php?_pagi_pg=56

    The Relativistic Theory of Gravitation
    Autor: A. Logunov – M. Mestvirishvili
    Gentileza de: Editorial MIR
    Link: http://www.elibros.cl/fisica.php?_pagi_pg=30

  83. mir fan says:

    reply to Manu Kant

    I think you can find here the collected works of Marx:


  84. akumar says:

    Hey Damitr,

    I am currently a student at McGill University studying Pure Mathematics and having a research direction in mathematical pedagogy as well as mathematical physics+chemistry specifically in the realm of Non-linear/Linear PDEs used for many-bodies problem and density functional theory. I was wondering, aside from V.I.Arnold’s Lectures on Partial Differential Equations, is there an esteemed book on Partial Differential Equations from Soviet/Russian School of Thought for mathematics? I am trying to find some references about great russian books on this topic but, it is quite hard.

    Thank you in advance,



  85. Krishna Dayanidhi says:

    I have in my possession many Physics books published by Mir Moscow. How can I help in this venture.

  86. Enrico says:

    Hi to everybody,

    nice to see other MIR-enthusiastic people around the world.
    I started buying MIR books when I was a young physics student in 1985 and never stopper, not for collectionism, bu to use them :-) I’ve now more than one hundred title in math and phys, in Italian, French and English.

    I would like to inform this community that in Italy the old network distributing Russian books is almost gone, but still a few survive and they have yet many NEW (!) MIR books in English and French. I can post the catalog or send it to the interested people that could directly contact the bookseller.

    And in the meantime, ask to share this kind of info on books availability, both used or news, on internet or physical shops :-)

    About Aditya’s question: I have two books, one is by Bitsadze, the other by Kolmogorov, Tichonov titled something like PDE in Physics, or Equations of mathematical physics, and another book of the Course by Smirnov devoted to PDEs. To my knowledge other books are: Krasnov M., A book of problems in ordinary differential equations, and Mikhailov V., PDEs.



    • akumar says:

      What is the book by Kolmogorov? I like his way of teaching mathematics! I found the other books. How do you like A course on higher mathematics: Integral equations and Partial Differential equations by Smirnov? It looks quite long, and I can’t seem to find a copy anywhere… How do you like Mikhailov V. book on PDEs? I am just trying to get a feel for them because I am reading a few others right now.

  87. Enrico says:

    Yesterday evening I checked at home, the books were by Tichonov and Samarskij … not Tichonov and Kolmogorov, sorry. I agree with you, Kolmogorov was really a great! There are two books by these authors, one is titled “Equation of Math. Phys” by T. and S., the other “A Collection of Problems in Mathematical Physics” by Budak, S. and T. I found these two extremely useful and nice to read, but I was mainly dealing with wave propagation in that period. I love some chapters of the mathematical work of Smirnov, particularly analysis, complex number, linear algebra and group theory, honestly little less the chapters on special functions and PDEs. Bitsadze came with two books, one of PDE and one on problem with PDEs. Michailov and Bitsadze book sound very good at a first glance, but I bought them more recently and didn’t had yet a working practice with them :-) … Extremely well done and useful is the book of Kolmogorov of Functional analysis, best coupled with the Trenoguine book on the same issue, it provides much of the useful general framework important for PDEs too. Concerning ODE, apart from the already mentioned books by Arnold (Geometrical methods/Singularities/ODE) I suggest also L. Esgolts (ODE and calculus of variations). Not Russian, :-), but very well done – I used it a lot – the books of M.K.Keane on PDEs. If you are interested also in numerical methods for PDEs … this is another issue … Ciao

  88. Enrico says:

    I had a look through this site, so I’m not sure it was not already posted, but here are two important links to find many Russian books. The largest repository I think is http://www.eknigu.com, they also have Russian versions, and the second is only for lucky people who can understand Cyrillic :-) http://www.mccme.ru/free-books/ … it contains also many un-translated booklets, including some little treasure by Arnold (use Google to translate at least the site content). Final suggestion: similar to http://www.arxive.org, may be not so large!,, also exists http://gallica.bnf.fr/. Ciao

  89. Julian says:

    Hello. Thank you so much for the many excellent books. I was wondering whether anyone may have information on Landau’s Shorter Course of Theoretical Physics 2 volume books? I have found the Russian version but not the English.

  90. Anjo says:

    Hi D.I think i can contribute something here.Can you send me your email id so that i can mail to you.How to upload on this site ?

  91. Chandramouli Mahadevan says:

    Can someone post the links to the following books:
    Elementary Mathematics – Dorofeev, Potapov and Rozov
    Higher Mathematics for Beginners – Zeldovich

    Many thanks. Chandramouli.

  92. mir fan says:


    You may find MIR books in English in this post. Just type title and/or author.


    Good luck

  93. Adarsh says:

    A heartfelt thanks from a 16 year old who wouldn’t have had the chance of reading such amazing books had you not embarked on this project.

  94. srp says:

    how about engineering-technology books of MIR?

  95. srp says:

    i would like to share my collection of MIR books (mostly) on mechanical engineering related topics. how to do that?

  96. mustafa says:

    Dear Friends,
    I need “Industrial Furnaces: Design and Calculation Reference Book, translated from the russian by IV Savin, Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1977″ this book. If you share it, I will be glad to you.

    • db.jan says:

      I have this book and I will upload soon.

      • db.jan says:

        “Industrial Furnaces: Design and Calculation Reference Book, translated from the russian by IV Savin, Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1977″ is ready.
        The hand book for engineering calculation and design is the translation of the 2nd russian edition.
        Provide data on thermal and physical properties of gases,liquid,metals,and solids used in ferrous and non ferrous metallurgy,coking by-product industry and other industries.
        Supplies information on calculation of furnaces of various types, on various fuels and their efficient combustion, gas mechanics, heat transfer , heating and cooling of bodies, refractoty materials and other.
        You can download the book from the following link:


        • db.jan says:

          password : mirtitles

        • damitr says:

          Thanks db.jan for the effort. Can you please post-process the book through scan-tailor, so that the resulting output is much better? Also resolution looks low., what dpi did you scan with? If you need any help in post processing please do not hesitate to ask for help. Thanks for the effort again.


          • db.jan says:

            I’m glad you like the book.Unfortunately I do not have enough information from scanning.I do not know why the quality has decreased.Scanned copy of the original book has better quality.Please give me your email to send you the original scanned book.Next time I will take your guidance.Thank you.

          • damitr says:

            Please see this link for information on scanning. Please upload the original book somewhere, and post a link so that we can have a look at it.


  97. vaibhav says:

    i have e-links to handbook of elementary mathematics m vygodsky . pls tell me how to submit them.

  98. S.Shivashankar says:

    I am interested in Textbook on Elementary Physics Volume 1 by G.S.Landsberg. Kindly help me.

  99. dear damitr are you interested also in italian translations? here’s a link to the russian original of Physics for Robinsons by V. Lange


  100. Navin says:

    Hi damitr,

    I would like to purchase the sinelnikov atlas of human anatomy, all 3volumes
    Can I get them?
    Is it possible for u to post it to malaysia?

  101. suvidh says:

    hey i am suvidh and i am studying in class11 pcm can you suggest a good collection of book on mathematics which covers portion of iit maths ..

    • desperadomar says:

      @suvidh, Thanks suvidh for visiting our site. Great to know you are preparing for IIT.A lot young minds ask the same here in mirtitles but here we deal with the books which are of particular interest which deals with all science subjects, so I think some books are really for beginners and others for pro’s.May be you can get some books here about a topic in mathematics viz calculus etc but not single(many) book covering the whole syllabus of IIT. But you can find the problem books listed here can help you a lot,but it also have some pros and cons ie some for beginners and others for pros ,each book require varying degree of knowledge.some of them are already listed in the post that it can be used for IIT preparation.So in my opinion get the syllabus of JEE and look each books content listed in each post and check whether it is useful to you.Hope this helps you.

      • Siddharth says:

        Here is the 2nd book scanned by me:

        2) Holography and its application by Ostrovsky (MIR Publishers, 1977)

        PDF | OCR | 4.6 MB

        Download link is http://filecloud.io/rg2w3szq

        Password (if required) mirtitles

        Please let me know if the link is not working

  102. I am big fan of MIR Publishers books from my childhood. Thank you very much damitr for your great work.
    I searched your website but could not find the following popular book.
    Entertaining Electronics,
    Author: E. Sedov, Translator: Eugene Felgenhauer,
    MIR Publishers (1973) (351 pages).
    Can you please provide the link?

  103. angelufu says:

    Dear Damitr, I´m completly lost with this site. How can I see your files? I´m interested on Yepifanov books, they are really dificult to find in the net!

  104. Eraz says:

    I need a special book pls give me some suggestion or link about “Optics by A.N.Matveev” in pdf format. pls pls my id is sagarbookstall@gmail.com

  105. jai says:

    Iam a math teacher and wud like to lay my hands on the foll books 1) Algebra class 8/9 by Dorofeev. 2) Algebra and elementary calculus by A. Kolmogorov. 3) Algebra and elementary calculus part 1 n 2 by Dorofeev. 3) Geometry grades 7 to 9 by Atanasyan, L.S. How can i obtain the above books.. Pls help

  106. Abhinav says:

    Theory of Elasticity by Borodich is a very good book. One may download it here: http://archive.org/details/theoryofelastcit031768mbp

  107. aashay says:

    I am from Bangalore..Searching for MIR publishers..Please send me your contact details in India

  108. malla reddy says:

    please i need physics of dielectric materials book by b.tareev pdf its urgent for my project work

  109. Arun says:

    Thanks for uploading these old gems. You are doing a wonderful service.
    Did you or anyone else who uses this site have any luck finding the following book?
    Algebra: A study aid for self-education by S.M . Niklolsky and M.K. Potapov

  110. thangadurai says:

    hi mir publications pls send ur condact no iam thangadurai thanjavur tamilnadu india. 9344536444 mo no

  111. Javier says:

    Dear Madam/ Sr
    I am looking for a book
    By N Antonov; M Vygodsky; V Nikitin; A Sankin

  112. Arunava Basu says:

    Hey great job! Im just 16 bt i love these russian books especialy 1s of phy. If anyone cud plz gv me the link to optics and molecular physics by A.N. MATVEEV. it wd be a great help.

  113. Cidyroco says:

    Dear Mr. Damitr:
    Congratulations for the great you have done in uploading some of the MIR physics and Engineering series which are invaluable to any serious reader. Great Job! Would please explain how to insert the password “mirtitles” in order to download those WinRAR compressed MIR titles I am interested? By the way, I have some MIR books in PDF format ( translated into Spanish) that I would like to share with you and your loggers if you are interested. Please guide me as to how I can do that.
    Best Wishes from Venezuela, South America.

    • The Mitr says:

      Dear Cidyroco,

      Thanks for the kind words. for password related problems please read the FAQs.

      Yes, we know that there are quite a few books in Spanish from Mir Publishers. Would you be kind enough to make a list of the books, with a little information about them and their links. We would be glad to publish such a list. If the English version of the book is already present on the blog, we will add links to the Spanish file also. This would be a great contribution for the Spanish speaking people.


      The Mitr

  114. Rohit Acharya says:

    Thank you so much for all the effort. This is more than reading the books, it rekindles my childhood. Thanks!

  115. arnabnit says:

    Hi Dmitr,
    I wish to buy and read soviet books in english. Till I found this blog of yours, I had been searching fanatically for them over the net but couldnt find any proper site. Though I appreciate this hard work in making the titles available in easy e format, I find it difficult to read these e books. It’ll be great If you could suggest some way to buy/obtain the hardcover books.


  116. Prateek says:

    Hi bro,
    Will you provide me the links of science fiction books translated in hindi:
    * Aelita
    * Char din ki chandni
    * Ek tha jalthaliya.

  117. Ernesto says:

    You may find many MIR books to download freely at http://www.elibros.cl/.
    This website contains ZIP files of many books, mostly from MIR; the books (MIR or not MIR) are mostly in spanish, but there are many in english.

    a) On that URL look at the left column and click on “Matemática” (Mathematics), “Física” (Physics), “Química” (Chemistry), “Biología” (Biology), “Informática” (Computer Science), “Astronomía” (Astronomy), “Ingeniería” (Engineering) and “Novedades” (Recently added). Each of these links will take you to a new page on this website.

    b) Say that you click on “Matemáticas”: the new page will show you some books . At the bottom of the page click on “Siguiente” (Next) to get the next page of “Mathematics”. Keep clicking on “Siguiente” on the new pages until you get to the 4th page.

    c) On page 4th, near the bottom, you will find two books from MIR:
    “A course on Diff. Geometry and Topology” and “Acerca de la demostración en geometría”.
    Cilck on “Ver detalle” on “A course on Diff. Geometry and Topology”.

    d) You will get a new page. In the second column, below the book cover, you will find the links to download the book. As you will see this book has THREE parts, each one on a separate ZIP file (lets call them “file-parts”).

    e) Download it this way:
    — Download all three file-parts to an empty folder on your PC
    — Select al three files on that folder
    — Unzip and extract all the selected files to that same folder; that way you will get just ONE file that merges the THREE file-parts.

  118. ateet dutt says:

    hi m looking for

    Semiconductor Physics by P.S. Kireev in 1978 edition…

    Please help me !!

  119. ateetdutt says:

    hi m looking for Semiconductor Physics by P Kireev 1978 edition…

    Please help..

  120. i hav the following books in hard copy
    laboratory experiments in general chemistry -semimicromethod by Z. Vasilyeva
    How Man Became a Giant(manushya mahabali kaise bana) in hindi by Ilyin M. and Segal H.
    All about telescope(aao doorbin dekhe) In hindi by P. Klushantev
    Physics for entertainment(manoranjak bhautiki) 1 and 2 in hindi by Ya. Prelman
    The frigate of captain one(kaptan ekak ka frigate) in hindi by V. Levshin
    Only two are in english rest are in hindi.

  121. Hey damitr
    I too am intrested in russian and soviet era books especially in mahematics.
    I know of a few titles like fundamentals of physics by ivanov,pinsky etc
    Do you have the highe mathematics handbook by vyogdsky and the high school mathematics books by yaglom If so then kindly post tem they are exteremely useful and even in used book shops most of them are incomplete .
    P.S. I think mir titles can be found in some bookshops in New york checkthem on amazon

  122. karlo says:

    I would like to get fundamentals of physics I from pinsky and yavorsky, it is coming to me tome II by amazon but tome I , I can not get on amazon, it is unavailable:(

  123. Siddharth says:

    Here is the 1st MIR book scanned by me :

    PDF/OCR/Cleaned but some size problem is there, so, in adobe reader, select “Fit Visible” option.

    Link is http://filecloud.io/zyn1px38

    Password (if required) mirtitles

    Other books to be uploaded soon….

  124. Siddharth says:

    The page size issue has been resolved, so, I deleted previous file with the link “http://filecloud.io/zyn1px38″

    New updated file has been uploaded & hence, here is the new link

    Gladkova-Kutylovskaya-Selected-Questions-and-Problems-in-Physics (MIR Publishers) – 1989

    Link is http://filecloud.io/ovjmrxb6

    Password (if required) mirtitles

    Other books to be uploaded soon….

  125. Thanks for your continued efforts, I’m a student preparing for IITJEE and once i came to your blog and started loving it. I faced a problem of not able to collect good books to prepare and once i saw this wah i was stunned. I still thought many were like me as there are no authentic blogs for all preparation material. So i started my own blog to help others like me https://devilexams.wordpress.com

    I’ve started posting books and some of them are from your blog, i’ve given proper credits. I don’t think you’ll have any objections.

    There are some non Mir books which are good so i’ve started posting even them.

    Kudos keep your efforts! Thanks for helping many like me !

  126. Siddharth says:

    I have found a website having Soviet e-books for children (mostly in Malayalam)


  127. Salomón says:

    Hello damitr.
    I would want to contribute with some books that I have. But, I don´t have any idea, of how make good e-books, like the one´s in the site. For example, when I make an scan of a page, with 600 dpi and with the option of Black & white. I get an image with irregularities in the letters, in the moment of use zoom.
    Thanks for you excellent job damitr!

  128. rakesh singh says:

    Dear sir

    i want a book
    name “what is relativity” by: landau & rumer
    plz send me pdf format.
    thank you.

  129. Lakshminarayanan says:

    It is currently published by over publications and dies cost somewhere around Rs 400.

  130. Ankit Agarwal says:

    I had read a few books from Mir in my childhood,
    I still have Physics of Entertainment 1& 2 (hindi),
    still remember one titled nanhe munho ke liye bhautiki but alas its no more with me, don’t even remember to whom i gave,
    there story books were real good Papa jab bachche the…

    i feel foolish to have parted with nanhe munho..
    still willing to buy hard copies of any interesting title of Mir

  131. praveen says:

    is the book Material Handling Equipment by Rudenko available?

  132. Siddharth says:

    Found 2 more Soviet books on Internet Archive:

    1)Fundamentals Of Geology
    Author: Obruchev,V.
    Subject: NATURAL SCIENCES; Earth sciences. Geology, meteorology,etc; General geology. Meteorology. Climatology. Historical geology. Stratigraphy. Palaeogeography
    Publisher: Foreign Langurges Publishing House.
    Book contributor: Osmania University
    Link for download is https://archive.org/details/fundamentalsofge032863mbp

    2)Electric Slag Welding
    Author: Paton,B.
    Subject: TECHNOLOGY; Engineering. Technology in general; Electrical engineering
    Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House.
    Book contributor: Osmania University
    Link for download is https://archive.org/details/electricslagweld030047mbp

    Once again, many thanks to ‘Osmania University Hyderabad’ for these books!

  133. lelel555 says:

    I highly recommend
    A.F. Bermant, I.G. Aramanovich “Mathematical Analsysis. A Brief Course For Engineering Students”, 1975 to scan and put it on the blog. I managed to get one and it’s really well written. At least for foreigners.

  134. lelel555 says:

    I highly recommend
    A.F. Bermant, I.G. Aramanovich “Mathematical Analsysis. A Brief Course For Engineering Students”, 1975 to scan and put it on the blog. I managed to get one and it’s really well written. At least for foreigners.

  135. doanh says:

    I need the book : Experimental Nuclear Physics, Volume 1 – Mukhin, can anyone help me ?
    This is my email : trongdoanh@rocketmail.com
    thanks in advanced !!!

  136. ANINDA HORE says:

    I need a catalogue of Physics,Chemistry,Maths and Biology books

    • Juan C Arredondo González says:

      Sorry, it is no working the link.

      2014-06-07 3:46 GMT-04:00 Mir Books :

      > ANINDA HORE commented: “I need a catalogue of Physics,Chemistry,Maths > and Biology books”

  137. Ramanathan Sundaram says:

    Dear Friends,
    Even i have several books in English and Tamil. Please publish the catalog of currently available books so that i can cross check and do my part. Really happy to see the books. I use to visit NCBH (New Century Book House) Madurai at least once in a week to check and buy MIR books (especially science). Really happy today to know the existence of such a community :)

  138. Suman Saraf says:

    Folks, do you know of bookshops in and around Delhi who might stock new and used titles? I grew up in Dhanbad and Bokaro (45 kms away, which had a steel plant with Russian collaboration) had a russian book shop. I used to be amazed by those russian titles and they were very inexpensive. While I donated most of my collection earlier, I am looking to buy some of these for my young kids. I did find a few Perelman books on amazon (pretty expensive), but I am wondering what are good locations to hunt in and around Delhi for such books.

  139. Siddharth says:

    Here is the 3rd Soviet book scanned by me:

    3) Elements of Applied Mathematics — Zeldovich & Myskis (MIR Publishers, 1976)

    PDF | OCR | 21.6 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/zfu9drpm

    Password (if required) mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  140. Siddharth says:

    Update: Here is the 3rd Soviet book scanned by me:

    3) Elements of Applied Mathematics — Zeldovich & Myskis (MIR Publishers, 1976)

    PDF | OCR | 25.49 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/lwjp1dmx

    Password (if required) mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

    Please see : The earlier link of the same book http://filecloud.io/zfu9drpm will not work as I have deleted it

  141. Siddharth says:

    Here is the 4th Soviet book scanned by me:

    4) Elementary physics:problems and solutions — Gurskii I.P (MIR Publishers, 1987)

    PDF | OCR | 21.25 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/u3f7sc2o

    Password (if required) mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  142. Siddharth says:

    Here is the 5th MIR book scanned by me:

    5) Mathematical programming — Karmanov V.G. (MIR Publishers, 1989)

    PDF | OCR | 19.8 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/heo68gqc

    Password (if required) mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

    2 more things:

    (i) Pages 124 & 125 are not missing from “Flying trains” book of “Science for everyone” series

    {Actually, the order of the pages in the initial PDF copy (given in the post) was : 1,2,3,…….,122, 123, 126,127,124, 125, 128,129,130,……}

    I just changed the order of pages & have uploaded the updated version of that book at http://filecloud.io/pz05hq69 [ PDF I OCR I 8.45 MB & no password]

    (ii) From now onwards, I will post the links at the most recent post of damitr & at “Update:Books in Comments”

  143. Siddharth says:

    Hi desperadomar!

    The following books were uplodaded by Aditya:
    1)Mine Surveying V.Borshch,A.Navitny
    2)Chemical Elements how they were discovered D.N.Trifonov & V.D.Trifonov
    3)Aerodynamics 1 N.F.Krasnov
    4)Equations of Mathematical Physics A.V.Vitasdze
    5)Fundamentals of machine design-1 P.Orlov
    6)Practical Inorganic Chemistry O.I.Vorobyova,and 4 authors
    7)Tales about metals S.Venetsky
    8)What is the theory of relativity L.Landau,Yu.Rumer
    9)Designs of automotive design A.kolchin and V.Demidov
    10)Did you say mathematics Ya.Khurgin
    11)Figures for fun Yakov Perelman
    12)Mathematics can be fun Yakov Perelman
    13)Problems in mathematical analysis G. baranenkov and 9 other authors
    14)Radio Recievers V.Barkan V.Zhdanov
    15)A course of Differential Geometry and Topoogy A.Mishchenko A.Fomenko
    16)Mechanics and theory of relativity A.N.Mateev
    17)Little Mathematics Library Inequalities P.P.Korovkin
    18)Atlas 0f Human anatomy -1 R.D.Sinelnikov
    19)Atlas 0f Human anatomy -2 R.D.Sinelnikov
    20)Epidemiology and fundamentals of infectious diseases M.L.Volovskaya

    My query is : Do you have the book no. 1, 5, 6, 9, 20 ?
    Can you upload them or give alternate links instead of the “adf.ly” link?

    I have rest of the 15 books listed above

  144. Siddharth says:

    Here is the MIR book no. 6 scanned by me:

    6) Solid-state laser technology — Lyubavsky Yu & Ovchinnikov V. (MIR Publishers Moscow, 1975 )

    PDF l OCR l 27.68 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/q5yw3njz

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  145. Node says:

    Here you go.Some more books.
    Download links:


    @Siddharth I could not find links for 1. BTW thanks a lot for you work.
    Could you scan & upload other physics books?


    • Siddharth says:

      Thanks for links! Though I have already scanned “Design-of-Automotive-Engines-Kolchin-Demidov” (I will check if I have any different cover)
      Yes, I will upload other Physics books but it will take time upto atleast September (I will try my best to upload as earlier as possible)

  146. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 7 scanned by me:

    Problems on fundamentals of hydraulics and heat engineering —- V.G. Erokhin & M.G.Makhan’ko (MIR Publishers Moscow, 1986 )

    PDF | OCR | 21 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/bt8evh4d

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  147. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 8 scanned by me:

    Construction equipment operation and maintenance —- Pokras Y. & Tushnyakov M. (MIR Publishers, 1971)

    PDF | OCR | 25.5MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/k506w9qd

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  148. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 9 scanned by me:

    Pressworking — Yu Shukhov & S. Elenyev (MIR Publishers, 2nd printing, 1974 edition)
    Its price was Rs 4.25 in the year 1974

    PDF | OCR | 23.7 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/uhz204xv

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    PLEASE SEE: This link is for version 1(which contains some unclear images due to my mistake).
    I will upload version 2 (with clear images) later in this year.

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  149. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 10 scanned by me:

    Seismic waves —– E. Savarensky (MIR Publishers, 1975)

    PDF | OCR | 29.8 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/vrnp91gz

    Password (if required) : mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  150. Arunava Basu says:

    Hey! I read that you have a hard copy of optics by matveev? Could you please email me a link of the scans?

  151. Arunava Basu says:

    Hey! I read that you have a hard copy of optics by matveev? Could you please email me a link of the scans?..

  152. Somupadma says:

    Here is a catalogue of Soviet English Publications i acquired around 80s.Posting here hoping may be of some interest


    • Siddharth says:

      Wow, Excellent work Somupadma!

      These hardcover books were so cheap in those days.
      The list is very vast & exhaustive though I think there are some books missing like: “Fundamentals of radio — Zherebtsov (1969)”.


      • Somupadma says:

        Siddharth ji am happy for your response.I hope the list might have omitted the titles not in supply by then.

  153. m95 says:

    For post
    desperadomar says:
    July 13, 2014 at 9:13 pm
    @Siddarth Got these two,

    Problems in mathematical analysis G. baranenkov and 9 other authors here

    Equations of Mathematical Physics A.V.Vitasdze here

    4shared links works great yhanks but the password for rar. files is not mirtitles nor mirtitles.org
    Pls desperadomar give us the right password
    thanks in advance

  154. m95 says:

    password for 4shared links is
    thanks for your great effort

  155. m95 says:

    password for 4shared links is
    w w w. mirtitles.org
    thanks for your great effort

  156. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 11 scanned by me:

    Statics of structures — N.V. Mukhin, A.N. Pershin & B.A. Shishman (MIR Publishers, 1983)

    PDF | OCR | 30.8 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/mdsx28wz

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

  157. vikram says:

    I want B. M. Yavorsky and A. A. Pinsky. Fundamentals 0f Physics
    where do i get it

  158. vikram says:

    Hi Ankit Gahlawat.
    can you send
    Fundamentals of physics vol.1 and vol.2 by B.M. Yavorsky and A.A. pinsky}
    to vikram_uj@yahoo.in
    I desperately need these book
    THANKS !

  159. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 12 scanned by me:

    Contact problems in the theory of plates and shells —- E.I. Grigolyuk & V.M. Tolkachev (MIR Publishers Moscow, 1987)

    PDF | OCR | 30 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/gvpqe4am

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working & also if you see some errors/unclear diagrams in the file.

  160. vikram says:

    Fundamentals of physics vol.1 and vol.2 by B.M. Yavorsky and A.A. pinsky}

  161. vikram says:

    Please… Please… Fundamentals of physics vol.1 and vol.2 by B.M. Yavorsky and A.A. pinsky}

  162. Siddharth says:

    Happy Independence Day to all Indian friends!

    Update:- Here is the 2nd version of book no. 11 scanned by me:

    Statics of structures — N.V. Mukhin, A.N. Pershin & B.A. Shishman (MIR Publishers, 1983)

    PDF | OCR | 28.6 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/8uqv2glb

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working & also if you see some errors/unclear diagrams in the file.

    PLEASE SEE: The earlier link posted by me, that is, http://filecloud.io/mdsx28wz will not work
    as I have deleted that file. The reason being the previous version of this book had many errors.
    Many thanks to Uday for pointing out those errors!

  163. Siddharth says:

    For our friends from France,
    Selected Soviet books in French are available for sale. Just visit the website http://editionsmir.free.fr/ for more details

  164. Siddharth says:

    Update: Here is the 2nd version of book no. 7 scanned by me:

    Problems on fundamentals of hydraulics and heat engineering —- V.G. Erokhin & M.G.Makhan’ko (MIR Publishers Moscow, 1986)

    PDF | OCR | 20.4 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/s12tp45d

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working

    PLEASE SEE: The previous version had some errors. So, the previous version link http://filecloud.io/bt8evh4d will not work as I have deleted that file. Many thanks to Uday for pointing out the errors!

  165. Siddharth says:

    Here is the book no. 13 scanned by me :

    Basic chemical engineering with practical applications —– A.M.Kutepov, T.I.Bondareva and M.G.Berengarten (MIR Publishers, 1988)

    PDF | OCR | 35.1 MB

    Download link is http://filecloud.io/r3n1aj7s

    Password (if required): mirtitles

    Please let me know if the link is not working & also if you see any error/unclear diagrams in the book

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